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  1. Hello,I'm searching a pixel artist ,who can draw in monochrome colors.I have a small project ,which has a prototype link:https://hust-writer.itch.io/die-or-cry .This game is a platformer/action ,like Broforce or Gonner ,but very difficult like Dark Souls. If you interested write me in pm.
  2. Hello I'm searching a coder for my project, i'm coder too c#. My project is not big space simulator ,but in 2D. Write me to discord: Scoutrooper#8313
  3. Hello, We are the small team ,which searching for coder in unity C#. Because ,we need free hands to our project. Project genre is space sim 2d.Sems like Freelancer or Space Impossible.You can be in sandbox or you can complite missions.We had made sems like 50-60% of prototype ,which we will send to itch.io . More info in our discord . Payments:revshare The end of project:early 2019 If you interested team Discord: https://discord.gg/f3dXzFn Write to Scoutrooper.
  4. Ike aka Dk

    Getting back into game programming

    Hi I have a not big project, i need a free hands to it Write me at discord: Scoutrooper#8313
  5. Hi, Your discord tag ,writed not correct. I need a man who will help me with not hard project My discord: Scoutrooper#8313
  6. Ike aka Dk

    Hey, anyone wanna collab i guess?

    Hey man. I have some small project ,i need free hands to it ,write me on this discord: Scoutrooper#8313
  7. Ike aka Dk

    Cut Scene Illustrator for Indie Game

    Hey, if i haven't exp ,but i want to do it. I am a beginner artist and i have some exp in unity(2+ years) and game maker (i forgot how many)
  8. Ike aka Dk

    Programmer looking for experience

    Hello Andres I am programmer/artist and i need a some helpful hand for small 2D game project. If you interested leave me mail to this email: mr.danilo911@gmail.com
  9. Hello everyone I am a programmer from Baku. I need a 3D Modeller for my shooter project in unity.I have 2 years Unity exp. Project will paid when we finish the work If you interested write me on email: mr.danilo911@gmail.com
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