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  1. Yog Joshi

    Best Modelling Software for Character Rendering & Items

    I am not too experienced in 3D modeling but I would also go with Blender!
  2. Yog Joshi

    How to make art like that?

    @Scouting Ninja @Kryzon Thank you! Sorry but I am just a 2D artist. I started making these recently and don't know how things run in an engine. I was looking at sites like Graphicriver and saw several artists providing artwork with gradients so I figured it would be okay for game developers to use. I did talk to a few about the gradients and they said it should not a problem to use these in an engine. As far as shaders go, I do not provide any. My plan is to just provide image files. If you would like to see all the files I provide, here is a link http://www.yogjoshi.com/game-backgrounds/ Cheers
  3. Yog Joshi

    How to make art like that?

    Great Advice everyone! Even though this style looks simple, it's actually quite challenging. For an artist with 8 years of experience, approaching a simple style like this still seems challenging. There is a lot that goes behind this such as understanding the basics of animation, anatomy, body language, color/light, perspective, composition, and story telling. And to develop such a style takes a lot of practice and patience, at least a few year. The hardest part of achieving a simple style like this is deciding what's most important in the image. It's an act of balance trying not to deliver too much or too little detail. What I use to create vector art like this is adobe illustrator. Currently for animation I use Adobe After Effects but a better option would probably be Adobe Animate (Which I will probably start learning soon). There are also other programs like Toon Boom and TvPaint. I am still fairly new to vector based art but here are some examples of environments I made. Volcanoes_Demo_Video.mp4 ScifiCity.mp4 Forest_Pathway_Demo_Video.mp4 Volcanoes_Demo_Video.mp4
  4. I would like to share some background artwork that I have been working on lately. These are mainly designed for side scrolling games but can also be used for various other projects like animation/film. All of these are vector based and were made using Adobe Illustrator and animated in After Effects. Currently these are only offered on my website and can not be found in any other market. If you are interested in using any of these backgrounds for your project, here is a link where you can purchase them http://yogjoshi.com/game-backgrounds Game Backgrounds Bundle Pack 01 Demo Video.mp4 ScifiCity.mp4 Desert_Pyramid_Demo_Video.mp4 Forest_Pathway_Demo_Video.mp4 Volcanoes_Demo_Video.mp4 mountain forest.mp4
  5. Yog Joshi

    5 Game Backgrounds | Side Scrolling

    Album for 5 Game Backgrounds | Side Scrolling
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