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  1. thanks i got what you say it solved the problem i had in my mind
  2. hello , i have a question about camera in openGL why the vecto r of direction of camera is in reverse ? what is the reason behind it ? d8a60p6w.bmp
  3. i want to know what exactly happen behind this code when we use this glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT); , i mean what processes it takes , (for more detail i want to know what " | " does here and want to know that glClear , clears both of them in one term or one by one)
  4. hello guys , i have some questions what does glLinkProgram and glBindAttribLocation do? i searched but there wasnt any good resource
  5. you mean with Rasterization there will be more accuracy ? i don still get it costs price for us while we have data pixel why we should turn it to the fragments and then turn this to the pixels ?
  6. i am reading this book : link in the OpenGL Rendering Pipeline section there is a picture like this: link but the question is this i dont really understand why it is necessary to turn pixel data in to fragment and then fragment into pixel could please give me a source or a clear Explanation that why it is necessary ? thank you so mu
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