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  1. LamePower448

    [Android] "Don't Touch The Green" very addictive game

    Awesome! Downloading!
  2. LamePower448

    Mobile Dodgy (Android Game)

    Hello everyone! My name is Abdelfattah Radwan I'm a 16 years old dude from Egypt. I have created a simple android game called Dodgy all by myself and published it on Google Play App Store. As of now I have no budget but I'm actively working on the game and due to my non existent budget I couldn't market the game very well so I thought some people on this great community would be interested in trying my game and helping me out by giving feedback. I would be really grateful if you go ahead and try it now and give me feedback. I'm very open minded so if your feedback is good or bad I would be really interested in knowing it anyways! Link: Thanks for reading!
  3. LamePower448

    Dodgy (Android Game)

    Album for Dodgy (Android Game)
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