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  1. AncientGamesDS

    Bark Park [Alpha]

    Hello everyone! This is Mimis from Ancient Games DS, the studio responsible for 8-Bit WaterSlide and Maximum Car. We’re excited to announce the open alpha for our latest game, Bark Park. Bark Park is a unique 4 player action mobile multiplayer game in Open Alpha for iOS and Android, in which the player takes control of a dog on its quest to park domination by capturing all the trees in the park. You can view our early alpha gameplay trailer on the side. In Bark Park the player must compete with other dogs over a limited number of trees. The player can capture trees by filling up their bladder at the fountain and peeing on them. You can defend your trees or invade other’s trees by barking other players away, distracting them with poo as well as other abilities that are scattered throughout the map as power-ups. We would love for you to try our game and are seeking feedback on the gameplay. The game is in the alpha stage and we'd like to invite you to play an influential role in its development. You can sign up through the submission portal on our website. iOS users will require TestFlight. To become a tester and/or come hang out with us and talk about the game in our discord channel please visit the Bark Park Website, or simply shoot me a PM with your e-mail and device. 1EYfOQ8alJTZJTfVkxEShdGOpBzygE9YI30RQ5Ua.mp4
  2. AncientGamesDS

    Bark Park [Alpha]

    Album for Bark Park [Alpha]
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