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  1. Wow~~~~ It's exactly what i need! Thank you sooooooo~ much! By the way, I found it really difficult to understand the API from the official website, i am a beginner in computer graphics and i hope i can go deeper into it, could you please give me some direction on where can i understand the difference between those API better? Thank you ~!
  2. Thank you very much again! Then do you know how to get the joint's rotation respective to the joint's own coordinates? I mean there is a coordinate system on the joint itself, just like the small coordinate system on the elbow joint in the attached photo. When the elbow joint rotates a little, its rotation relative to its own coordinates may also change.
  3. Thank you very very very much for your reply!! I know there is a similar API to what you said from Transformation Data // Get the node's default local transformation matrix. FbxAMatrix& lLocalTransform = lNode->EvaluateLocalTransform(); However, I have no idea whether the local transform here is relative to the joint's local coordinates or relative to the joint's parent node's coordinates? I have not found much information about it. Please give me some hints! Thank you again! 🙂 If the API lNode->EvaluateLocalTransform(); returns the joint's rotation relative to its local coordinates, then, which API can return the joint's rotation relative to its parent node?
  4. Hello, everyone! I hope my problem isn't too 'beginnerish'. I'm doing research on motion synthesis now, trying to implement the Deep Mimic paper (DeepMimic) by BINPENG XUE, in this paper, I need to first retarget character A's motion to another character B to make the reference motion clips for character B, since we don't have character B‘s reference motion. The most important thing is that in the paper, the author copied character A's joint's rotation with respective to joint's local coordinate system (not the parent) to character B. In my personal understanding, the joint's rotation with respective to joint's local coordinate system is something like that in the attached photo, where for the Elbow joint, i need to get the Elbow's rotation in the elbow's local coordinate system (i'm very grateful for you to share your ideas if i have misunderstanding about it 🙂) I have searched many materials on the internet about how to extract the local joint's information from FBX, the most relative one i found is the pivot rotation( and geometric transformation, object offset transformation). I'm a beginner in computer graphics, and i'm confused about whether the pivot rotation( or geometric transformation, object offset transformation) is exactly the joint's local rotation i'm seeking? I hope someone that have any ideas can help me, I'd be very grateful for any pointers in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
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