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  1. Darkside is a story driven horror game that takes place in a old mansion. You play as the last family member of the Godwins who once lived in the mansion and now it is on you to discover what happened that made your family almost go extinct. The game is played in first person view. We use the Unity 3d editor to build the game and need a lot of help. Your work will be rewarded with a revenue share. We are searching for: 3D Artist: Some experience is necessary. Assets like: dead bodys, a citchen, a piano, lots of things that fit into an old mansion... You can use whatever program you want as long as it works fine with Unity. Music: Do you love horror soundtracks and produce music? Here's your chance to build the soundtrack for Darkside. User Interface Designer: You got some experience in building User Interfaces in Unity? We need you. Social Media/Marketing Manager You would be in charge for the media communication. Are you interested? Got questions? Discord: Srsly#4343 Some early pics from the game: https://connect.unity.com/u/5a4d5604090915001d37b5d3
  2. Rob Robberson

    3d artist looking for freelane project

    If you are still searching, we are making a small Horror Adventure Game. My Discord: Srsly#4343
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