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    Making it in Indie Games: Starter Guide

    Please stop saying that an Indie developer is a 20 person company or group. You hurt the indie field when you tell people that Indie = 20 or somthing. Why, Thats what the MEGA Corps like Google want you to say. THEY WANT CONFUSION ON THE ISSUE, It's easier for them to take control of a nich market when it's weakend by confusion. It actualy delivers it to them. Look Google is just one MEGA, there are others, So I'm just using it as an example. They dont want INDIE=FREE They want = FREE.INDIE; E.g. #*************** PUSEDO CODE, Google is just an example here, Use your own MEGA if you wish. TRUE = (INDIE = 1); (If INDIE > 1 Then INDIE == FALSE); Set Google.Resource = All.Internet.SEARCH; Set Google.Resource = _most.All.Internet.MEDIA; # Run program Set CONST Google = MEGA; Set.Public.Memory = ONLY.GOOGLE; Set.Public.Memory.POOL = ONLY.GOOGLE.SAFE; Get INDIE.Developer; While (INDIE.Developer==FREE) IF INDIE.Developer == 1 ; Set Google.Resource = INDIE.Developer; Delete INDIE.Developer FROM Public.Memory; EndIf EndWhile EndSet EndSet EndSet #*************** Even there staff is condition to speak in forums against replies like mine. Look, I'm sorry, but the term Indie Developer is shorthand for "Individule Developer" The term Individule Developer, is first person singular. Otherwise, ok article, but it hurt the Indie market yet once again. It hurts Freedom, It hurts the next Niche market, They will also destroy it, stealing freedoms and replacing them with a Shrink Wrapped Click that destroy dreams of freedom
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