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  1. Samples are mostly Orchestral Tools. There's VSL harp and a solo flute from Symphobia 2 but thats it. My process is pretty simple. First score the film on my DAW (Nuendo) with just a piano, then export the midi file to Sibelius. After i've done the "shortscore" it looks like this Then I orchestrate it and it looks like this - Full Score.pdf?dl=0 And once its done, I play the individual parts to my DAW. - Violin I.pdf?dl=0 It's really quick and efficient workflow. Here's the finished work
  2. Thanks guys! Can you send me an email lauri (AT) laurikoivisto (DOT) Com
  3. Here's a Studio Ghibli-esque animation where I did music and sound design Music was mixed by Jake Jackson. Sheet music can be found here:
  4. What's new about it? I got frustrated with it when I was trying to drag files to the pop-up window but there's no way to get to stay on top. At least i don't know how.
  5. Here's a short document of how i composed music and did sound design for Wwise adventure game
  6. laurikoivisto

    Studio Ghibli-esque animation i'm scoring (WIP)

    Here's a new version with sound design
  7. laurikoivisto

    Studio Ghibli-esque animation i'm scoring (WIP)

    Thank you! Yeah, Joe Hisaishi is the composer of Studio Ghibli and he also composed music for both Ni No Kunis. Check this out!
  8. Hi, i'm composing music for this animation and would appreciate any feedback. Don't concentrate too much on the film. It's supposed to be a "trailer", hence the "montageuness". Thank you! Lauri
  9. laurikoivisto

    Adventure game music

    Thank you for your kind words!
  10. laurikoivisto

    Adventure game music

    much appreciated!
  11. laurikoivisto

    Swashbuckler Showdown

    Another orchestrational trick is to not change the dynamics but adding more instruments like in the example.
  12. pretty balanced mix. I think you should have a bit reverb in there. Piano sounds too quantized. Horror music isn't something that comes to my mind when listening.
  13. laurikoivisto

    Form Up! Voltron Inspiration

    Really? My bad! It's a nice sound!
  14. There were lot of good points for example the seeing only the finished product. Carry on!
  15. laurikoivisto

    Form Up! Voltron Inspiration

    i really dig the sound! Bass and drums could be a bit louder at 0:33. I usually hate the general midi distortion guitar sound but i think it fit here perfectly and nice mix overall!
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