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  1. ...Ok, now I'm starting to get annoyed with the whole "copyright" subject. Especially because; 1. I just put that in to let everyone know that i would do everything in my power to protect my idea, and what those options were I was looking into as stated in the beginning. 2. It almost seems as if some do not like the idea I would like to try and protect the concept I have. 3. No one knows or seems to care on what its details are or what it's based on, when I just wanted know if anyone was interested in helping me out with working on it. But, no I'm mostly told that I can't copyright it when was never to the focus of this post. 4. Most have not bean encouraging. when giving advice you don't shoot people down. (So good thing I'm stronger than that...) 5. Lastly, I have no intention of copying "The Lord of the rings" or anyone else's story. (I have a few of my own...)
  2. "Rutin," sorry i didn't get back to you sooner (just got back from work) thank you for your wise suggestions I'll always keep them in mind... and same goes for everyone... "Scouting Ninja" and you too "Menyo" you are all absolutely right. I always thinking there is not a moment where I'm not running all kinds of scenario and situation through my head. trust me, I take nothing lightly, I'm always listening because I've always had to. I hope you all realize that I'm not brushing off anything you're saying when you give me your input because you are all very helpful. I also realize that some if not all of you have told many others these things as well as being told them by predecessors if you did not find out by yourself. This way you all have my gratitude and respect... Oh, and just want everyone to know all this input makes me very happy. I always feel I need as much info can get and more... I will never be arrogant...
  3. Understood, and competition doesn't bother me at all as long as I can be the first one to pull it off. That's why I'm so protective of this concept of mine. knowing that i could or might change the way turn based RPG's are played is almost good enough me, and i have a lot other ideas for features to add the system mechanics. So, as far as staying on top goes; if I (/we) can stay top? then we do... if I or we can't stay top? then we don't... That's the nature of business. Because being the first to come up with a real solution for an Active Turn Based Battle Multi Character System, would be rewarding in and of itself. But, I do hear your words and I thank you for your advice and input. I absolutely need to read and consider all of it and more.
  4. Yes, you are absolutely right... I think I used the wrong word being "copyright" or just used it the wrong way do to my lack of experience (because i am also coping from another game and implementing it differently). Still, in the act production one must be able to produce an idea first before being able to call it their own. Because, in the light of history there were many inventors before Thomas Edison who came up with ideas for the "light bulb" but in the end he was the only one to come up with the working one that people could actually use and afford, give him the right to call it his own. I guess my point is that, I still need to at least protect their Idea before someone else takes it and comes out with it before I do. Or, at least me and whoever helps me in the development of this concept.
  5. Yeah, I kinda thought so, but I felt it might a good idea to try or find some alternative way of owning it such as maybe putting it in some kind of GUI form (like "RPG-Maker" and sell the idea like that or maybe not). how ever, right now I just looking into maybe a contract of confidentiality in which would come with one time initial payment. However, I'm not sure yet on how much that payment should be, but as i said I'm looking into it...
  6. thanks so much for your input Scouting Ninja, and trust me i hear you on the way players can and will react as well as the rejection they could give to something new. being one of those players I've done a lot of thinking over years looking at various other games to try and find something more unique yet familiar to people and as well as player like myself. I believe i found finally found it and when i did it so conceptually simple I could've slapped my forehead for not seeing it much earlier. I'm proposing this idea because the solution i see is in a game mechanics that is already very popular ("very" being an under statement) even among those that aren't so bright, and if it could re-purposed in to an RPG battle system we then i believe we would have the next step in turn based RPG battle systems. But, again thank you so much for your input, I would like talk more about it if you are interested. In addition, i'm always studying...
  7. Since the end of high school, I’ve bean trying to think of a good alternative to the Japanese turn based RPG Battle System for controlling multiple characters in a battle. Watching the characters move forward to attack, then move back to their original place just looks ridiculous. the battle environment almost always are not the same as the location where the player is in the world of the game (this dose not bother me too mach). How ever, I feel that the environment should have at least have different effects and variables on the battle. During my time in the military I had an epiphany that the solution was looking for was already out there in another type of game and was never applied to an RPG. In addition, i believe that this idea is something "Square Enix" and other Japanese game developers have bean looking for with their new final fantasy series and etc. So, I'm thinking by changing the conceptual rules and adjective scripts in one those other type of games that one can make a new type of "Active Turn Based Battle System" for controlling multiple characters RPG's. Or maybe, build one from scratch... however my point is that the next step of "Active Turn Based Battle System" for RPG's is already bean done and as far as i can tell no one sees it. currently I'm put this idea into power while looking into how i can maybe copyright it; in doing so, I'm also looking for help and pointers in the right direction, and seeing if anyone wants in the idea. In addition, I'm sorry for the lack of info however since that I feel that this is one really good idea that i have i'm doing my best not to lost it. So something like; what is that other type of game might be? I realize could be the thing that allows me idea to be stolen.
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