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  1. MightyMarcus

    Looking for Artist for Couch Coop Heist Game

    We need mostly technical props, like alarm systems, locks or security cameras. Beyond that 3d models of different environments, such as a museum, a mansion or a training ground. If that's interesting to you, please send me a pm.
  2. We are working on a cooperative puzzle game in a heist setting for Airconsole. The concept of Airconsole is quite cool: the game runs in a browser without the need for a console or a powerful PC. The players connect their smartphones and use them as controllers. The game is made in Unity. The players have to work together to overcome puzzles and complete a heist, e.g. stealing something from a museum. The puzzles are something like deactivating an alarm, picking a lock, or disabling a laser trap. Each player may have different information on their smartphone. So, the puzzles can only be solved with team work and communication. For some puzzles, the players will also have to physically align their smartphones to get to the solution. The idea is, to make the puzzles more tangible and physical than with a traditional console game and force the players to think "out of the box". So far the setting is only loosley defined, since we are still experimenting with the game mechanics. It will be set in the present time with maybe a bit more futuristic devices than currently exist, e.g. like in the Mission Impossible movies. We can imagine a museum or a mansion of a drug dealer and you need to steal some nuclear weapon codes to prevent them from going to the black market. We are looking for a 2D or 3D artist to create the game assets and ideally also the UI. The visual style will be defined together with your input :)
  3. MightyMarcus

    Tips for a tech interview in Germany

    Hi, I am a dev from Germany. As anywhere in the world in the interviews are super different depending on the company you are applying to. In general, I'd say as an American you'll be totally fine. Culturally, the social interactions at work aren't so super different between the two countries. It's much harder for someone from Asian countries to get used to the German culture. I'd say, prepare just like you would for an interview in the US and you'll be totally fine.
  4. Hi all, I am an experienced Unity dev based in Berlin, Germany and am looking for a fun project to do in my spare time. My main experience is with mobile games and some PC VR/AR applications. Please only contact me if your game is realistically scoped and at least somewhat thought out. I am also available for prototyping. I don't want to work on Horror games, or simple shooters. Please send me a direct message to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing interesting pitches. Marcus
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