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  1. GD_Entertainment

    My first Game level in Unreal

    Is this lagging only to me or?
  2. There are pro's and cons for coloured texts and smileys, they can be heavily abused
  3. It's for sure more rare approach to creating the game, but the idea is promising.
  4. GD_Entertainment

    Neon Signs & Objects

    Good job if this is your first shot at this.
  5. GD_Entertainment

    Looking for feedback on my space scene

    Simply, love it! Simplicity makes it stand out.
  6. GD_Entertainment

    My question about my fighting game protagonists

    Option 2 would work for me.
  7. GD_Entertainment

    Horror Game Development Process?

    Horror games are a hit, be sure to think it through but not overthink it, it has to stay simple and entertaining. And scary ofcourse
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