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  1. Digitized God

    Where are we?

    Heya, Thank you, I would very much like to see your work if possible. I have updated this blog post with a quick raw gameplay footage just so you can grasp the idea of it.
  2. Digitized God

    Operation Sulfur & Fire

    Take control of an 'Iron Dome' (mobile air defense system) and protect your citizens from incoming rockets and missiles. The game would feature different levels with various settings challenging the player with numerous threats ranging from "fire and forget" rockets to advanced target-seeking missiles. The player will be given the opportunity to upgrade his weapon arsenal as well as shielding his structures from attacks. --- Buy me a cup of coffee?
  3. Digitized God

    #6. How Barbaric.

    I really like your artwork!
  4. Digitized God

    Where are we?

    Any feedback is appreciated. Any questions will be answered as well! Cheers!
  5. Digitized God

    Where are we?

    It has been around three days now since I started developing my OSF (Operation Sulfur & Fire) and I am very happy with the results. The game offers one basic level right now and the player has unlimited firepower (of the basic missile). A playable prototype can be found here Current Main Menu : Things I plan next : Create game menus and buttons with smooth transitions, I believe that a good UI is important right off the start.
  6. Digitized God

    Operation Sulfur & Fire

    Album for Operation Sulfur & Fire
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