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  1. Ty Cox

    Game Development Life Cycle & Agile

    @Tom Sloper, I do not see the thanks button on this thread so thank you. I started with a blog, but I'll move the ideas to a wiki-like GDD with your format. As for agile, I will hold those questions for after reading your website.
  2. What is the standard process for building a game? I have used SDLC in the past for creating software, but does the game industry have a standard game development life cycle? I found this: https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/JuegoStudios/20170413/296019/What_Is_the_Game_Development_Life_Cycle.php. It includes a lot of detail, but is there a game development life cycle out there that can get me to user stories more seamlessly?
  3. Ty Cox

    Challenges of 100 Players

    Thank you @hplus0603 and @ProfL for the in-depth feedback. I have an additional question if you would not mind. If this architecture exists: Player -> ISP -> Game Client -> Game Server -> Game Data Center What would be the bottlenecks for Game Client to Game Server? What would be the bottlenecks for Game Server to Game Data Center? Would it be valid to say that these bottlenecks would be a CPU and Read/Write speed challenge?
  4. What challenges do game developers face when trying to develop a 100 player battle royal? What are some of the solutions to these challenges? What will game streaming + cloud support do that will allow for 1000 players? A recent claim by Google and their Stadia platform.
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