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  1. PhReyGibbons

    Where to find music ?

    I see. Thank you for explaining all this. Very usefull information. ;o) I guess the very large majority of mobile and casual games use music from libraries nowdays. Of course you can hear the same music in different games, but the chances are still thin, because there are so much games and so much music that are created...
  2. PhReyGibbons

    Where to find music ?

    I would be curious to know what motivates their choice to go through a music library though ?Prices ? Or is it "practical" (they do not have to deal with a real person etc...) ? or both ?
  3. PhReyGibbons

    Where to find music ?

    Thanks for answering ;o) Just to be sure when you say "Most people I know...", you're talking about indie developers right ? (small companies from 1 to 10 people let say)
  4. PhReyGibbons

    Where to find music ?

    Just curious, what is your "goto" when it's about finding ingame music ? Library ? Composer ? Else ? Thanks ;o) - Phil
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