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  1. Opened the first official server called Pangea. Give it a try guys if interested and leave me a feedback. Have fun
  2. Just like applications, games will be migrated to the browser as well. In order to understand the forces that will make this transition happen, we need to understand what makes the Internet, the browsers and websites so successful in the first place, and why is that relevant in the context of games. Bit of History There is always a reason why a trend develops and decays over time. It's more than just excitement then later on boredom. In the beginning, all the application were developed for the mainframes first, because at the time no single person could afford a computer. Then the PC came along and everything got rewritten for that platform. Then just recently, internet speed, hardware and browsers become fast enough to run the apps we use in the office to trigger another wave of application migration, back to the cloud. Think about Microsoft Office Online. Improvements on the hardware level will disrupt trends build on top of it. The Bias When a new technology comes along, people tend to focus on the downsides only and argue that the new tech never going to be as good as the old one. The reasonable question would be, what are the downsides and what are the upsides and what the new technology allows me to do and can I live with the downsides. Change is difficult, therefore people tend to stick to the old tech. New customers who are exposed to competing products the first time, evaluate the old and the new tech objectively and then make a decision. People tend to confuse the principles that brought a trend to live with the current state of those trends. They say: yes, but at the moment X can’t do what Y can. A set of features was used to create a popular app, service or game, a different set of features will produce a different product. The new product doesn’t have to be superior in every way in order to succeed. Not as Black and White as we’d like it to be When PC was introduced it wasn’t as fast as consoles at the time. People argued that it's not good for gaming. Today it's the other way around. Nintendo Switch was released with 1 teraflop performance on a market where the competition was PS 4 Pro - 4.2 teraflop - and XBox One X - 6 teraflop and become one the fastest selling consoles of all times. Clearly, there was more to the story than just performance. After all, why do even consoles exist when they are inferior to the PC. So what are the upsides of gaming in the browser and what do we have to put up with? Upsides: Instant Gaming - fast as loading up a website Cross play - No need to convince your friends to buy the same console to play the same games together. Seamless Updates - No delayed gaming sessions because a new 30GB update just got released. Low Resistance - When something is only one click away, it's more likely to give it a try. One Standard - Porting Games is unnecessary. If you have a browser, you have access to the game. Downsides: Limited Graphics - Web standards are behind the cutting edge APIs available on other platforms. Fast Internet Required - You need a reasonably good internet speed. E.g.: 4G on your phone. Deviation from Standards - Some browser vendors make it difficult for devs to use the same codebase. Conclusion We probably going to see a form of merger in the long run. Apps will merge with websites and the same goes for games, and they partly already did on mobile devices. It's not the question of better or worse, or whether it will provide a better experience for everybody or not. It's more about what will become mainstream? When most people sit down to play a game, what device they will reach out to and what platform will deliver most games? Feel free to disagree and leave a comment below if you have something to say
  3. You are right, there is nothing new about streaming assets into your game. Whats new about it that it's running happening in the Brower. GTA 5 does this asset streaming exceptionally well, but still, I have to download 10 of BGs of data first. Even if I don't have to download the whole game before I can start playing, it's hardly instant gaming is it Blizzard's World of Warcraft sounds promising, although when I registered just now, no matter how I tried I always ended up on a Download Client page and not in the game - Mac with Chrom - ..is that project ever saw the sunlight?
  4. Yeah, I guess cloud gaming always have to deal with that issue. The difference here is that my game engine runs on the client device using WebGL - OpenGL ES.2.0. I stream the assets themselves not the image of the game. These assets got processed on the client side so it utilizes the distributed power of the devices that it runs on rather than draining a single server. I've just followed your projects Shapes TD and Unirule, they both look promising, keep up the good work! A valid concern CrazyCdn. The browser should cache everything about the game, you might have noticed that it loads much faster the second time when you press Start.
  5. You are exactly right, this is different from Cloud Gaming. You have to download the Game Engine first, which happens in a matter of seconds before the menu shows up. The heavy part of most games are the game assets though, like 3D models, textures, audio etc. When it comes to the game assets your browser literally streams in all those assets that are in your immediate surrounding area and not loading anything from the rest of the Open World environment, hence calling it streaming. You can even see the loading icon in the top left corner flashing up time to time as you move around, indicating that you are streaming new stuff on the horizon. What makes this game engine unique is that extent of the implementation of the idea. You receive a link in messenger, you tap on it and then you are in the game without going to a store on your given platform, downloading the whole game if available, installing it, then trying to get in the same game with your friends. Here, you tap and it's done, you are there Buying tires in a 3D environment is exactly my long-term goal, shopping online in a 3D environment could have some many new use-cases. But to get people on board will be a long process I think, so I decided to start with a game first Thanks for the constructive comments, I really appreciate the details PS: if you clear the cache - browser - you can probably get the game going again. I certainly have a few bugs to work on.
  6. In early 2017 I had this idea, if I can stream an HD movie without downloading the whole thing, I could stream a massive open world game as well without downloading it. Most people are under the impression that a game running in the browser can’t look good because then it takes forever to load it. Well, in game dev the concept of LOD - Level Of Details - exists quite a while now, there is no reason why we couldn’t apply it in the browser as well. The game I developed loads in a matter of seconds. It takes a couple seconds to load the engine itself, then when you press play: - Loads the terrain peaces closer to you first, than what's further away. - Loads the low poly version of the models like trees, rocks and bushes first, then the high poly version when available. - Structures... - Animals... - Sound... - Etc.. you get the idea My point is, it is POSSIBLE to build a 3D version of the Internet, where instead of browsing through websites, we could jump from one 3D space to the next. I “invite” everyone to make this happen. I’ve made a 3D Survival Game with a massive terrain to prove the tech works. I want you guys to build your own 3D spaces implementing your own ideas what the web should look like in the future. We could just link them all together and make this Interconnected Virtual Space happen - yeah, the Metaverse, for the Snow Crash fans out there I would love to hear what you think about the applications of 3D spaces on the Web. Please leave me a comment if you are as exited about the possibilities as I am. Backing up my claims: Live Tech Demo is available on https://plainsofvr.com Watch a the Open World to load instantly, than gradually improving:
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