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  1. PerezPrograms

    Int vs. Float Graphics Programming

    Then floats is the clear winner, when the program communicates with OpenGL. Thank you for opening my eyes to this fact.
  2. Hello everyone, While I do have a B.S. in Game Development, I am currently unable to answer a very basic programming question. In the eyes of OpenGL, does it make any difference if the program uses integers or floats? More specifically, characters, models, and other items have coordinates. Right now, I am very tempted to use integers for the coordinates. The two reasons for this are accuracy and perhaps optimizing calculations. If multiplying two floats is more expensive in the eyes of the CPU, then this is a very powerful reason to not use floats to contain the positions, or vectors of game objects. Please forgive me for my naivette, and not knowing the preferences of the GPU. I hope this thread becomes a way for us to learn how to program better as a community. -Kevin
  3. PerezPrograms

    Graphics and Art Style

    Dear Scott Browne, At the risk of becoming an outcast, I actually like the old better than the new. If I am the only one, then please don't listen to my opinion. I am also hoping by making a comment others will be willing to share which one he or she likes better. Like I mentioned, if I am the only one whom likes the old one better, than please ignore me. Either way, this artwork looks good to me. -Kevin
  4. PerezPrograms

    Game Development Reintroduction

    Thank you for the advice.
  5. PerezPrograms

    Game Development Reintroduction

    Just to be sure I am understanding you right, there are gaps. If these gaps are not filled, I will not get a job as a programmer at a video game developer/publisher company. The first gap, earning a CS degree, has been filled. The second potential gap is having a programming portfolio. If I am genuinely okay with receiving any programming position, then it stands to reason, I should have several programs in my portfolio. For example, I should have a program showing I know C++ C. I should have another demo showing A.I. Perhaps, a third demo showing graphics. The confusing part for me at least, is suppose, I see a job posting for ____________. One of the requirements is knowing OpenGL. I could merely mention how much experience I have developing OpenGL based software. Or I could show the demo. How would you go about showing the potential employer the portfolio?
  6. PerezPrograms

    Game Development Reintroduction

    Going back to your question, I worked on a Sega Game as a black box tester for 1 month. I also worked as a tools tester on Lego Universe. With the tools tester, there were various in-house tools, which I tested to make sure they are intuitive and did what they are supposed to do. For 4 years to present, I have delivered pizzas and other foods, which people order from Village Pizza. Plus, I have worked for 2 years cleaning pool filters. As a hobby, I have researched astrology, tarot, and the I Ching. Even though, I can contribute much as a programmer, it is possible, I will one day become a designer. However, each time I think of working in the Video Game Industry, I think of working as a programmer. Please forgive me for repeating much of what I said earlier. The main things I wish to show you in this post is that I have been able to teach the teacher once or twice. Despite this, finding a job as a programmer was quite difficult for me. Would it be prudent to try to get a programming job once again, now that the market has improved, or should I go the route of a designer? Or perhaps as an INFP, it would make sense to find a startup company, which asks for a generalist?
  7. Thank you for reading this thread. My name is Kevin. I have a Bachelors of Science in Game Development. This degree is from Full Sail University. I received a diploma in Game Development from Full Sail University February 2010. Despite my passion about making video games as a programmer, I have only 7 months worth of experience developing video games and only 2 months of paid experience. My current jobs have little to nothing to do with programming or the Game Industry. The problems I face at this point is my lack of experience, my not knowing what type of programming position makes the most sense, or how after this sabbatical to get my feet proverbially wet. The subtle problem is I may be too open minded. Just to give more insight about myself my programming knowledge and wisdom may be too broad. If someone wants me to write a program and they mention the features of the program, there is a good chance I will be able to write this piece of software, because I am familiar with C++, Assembly Language for Windows XP, and somewhat familiar with C#. I am even familiar with Design Patterns and various programming paradigms. I also know enough about Graphics and Artificial INtelligence, that with some mentorship, I could contribute to the game by writing Graphics Code or Artificial Intelligence code. So my first question is how do I narrow down all this when trying to find an ideal job? If you would not mind, please tell me the various roles and requirements for game developers. If this sort of question has already been answered, then please forgive me for this posting and post a link to this other post. Thank you for reading this post, and I look forward to reading your replies.
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