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  1. M0N0_M4N

    Our second game is under development

    No worries, I'll wait
  2. M0N0_M4N

    Our second game is under development

    Okay, I'm following now. Well done on finishing a game. Though Steam told me that your profile is missing (some weird error popped up when I tried to click the icon bellow your screen name), just letting you know.
  3. M0N0_M4N

    #Frostbite Is Alive!

    Congrats on a finished game, finishing one is never easy. PS, checked out your itch page, the main character is very innocent looking for a horror game protagonist. The screenshots are not bad at all.
  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, far too kind (no seriously). I've actually been looking deep into a USP for the game that enhances the underlying mechanics. So far I'm chewing on alot of different ideas and looking for something that fits (mechanically and aesthetically). Thanks for the feedback, your input is much appreciated. I'm definitely taking your advice onboard. ✌️
  5. M0N0_M4N

    2D Shape Fighter

    Its actually pretty addictive. The idea is simple enough to grasp but unusually sticky, well done. I would suggest that you slow it down at first then let it gradually gain speed Try this series, the code is mentioned in there somewhere.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I'm actually going through different art styles to see what looks interesting/unusual in an FPS. So far I'm going for the feel of a 90s shooter in terms of controls and solid gameplay (I really liked Quake 2 for the N64), mixed with my own modern ideas, eventually building something new altogether..
  7. For starters I'm not actually advertising anything or self promoting here, I'm just prototyping something to see if my idea is worth a sh*t. For whatever reason feedback is insanely hard to come by these days (what do I have to pay people now?). A big part of game design is getting opinions so that you're not kidding yourself or driving in the dark so to speak. IDK maybe my short description is just not interesting enough on its own, in which case I take full responsibility. It would mean alot to me if I could get some feedback on my prototype, even if its brutal. I'm more than open to return feeback if anyone has something they'd like testing on (and if the download size isn't too big).
  8. M0N0_M4N

    Code Name GunsBritanica

    ⦁ The game will be kinda like Monster Hunter 4 as a 90s FPS. ⦁ For now its just a prototype with placeholder art and sound. ⦁ Movement controls are typical FPS, mouse and keyboard inputs (I just added sprint). ⦁ The placeholder tutorial is kinda like Dark Souls for now (its short I promise;)).
  9. M0N0_M4N

    Code Name GunsBritanica

    Album for Code Name GunsBritanica
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