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  1. IronicallySerious

    DevIL errors appearing out of nowhere

    I have been using the same PNG file for 8 months 😅 But I did try to load different PNG files and even different formats but it still gave me the same error.
  2. I am building a new feature for my engine but out of nowhere DevIL started showing this error: I did not change anything related to loading images. The only things were some high-level engine initialization changes that only affected the level being loaded. For an in-depth code diff, see the PR here: https://github.com/sdslabs/Rubeus/pull/101
  3. Thanks Tom! The link about decision trees is the exact answer I was looking for. I will try making one. Again, thanks because I was stuck on this problem for the 2nd week this time and I wasn't getting any better answers.
  4. I have dabbled into almost every single field of study that goes into making a game. Currently, I am a sophomore and I made 2 VR titles and 1 non-VR. Next, on my journey, I went on to create a 2D game engine with very basic but "Turing complete" features. Having experienced a small piece of everything that there is I am finding it very difficult to commit all of my efforts into a single field. I loved my time making gameplay systems, playing with OpenGL, creating 2D basic physics simulations and making sound engines and the regular engine stuff. How should I decide what I should go deep into? I am aware of the fact that the industry doesn't really look for complete package candidates for job/internships because normally they tend to get a small task which is dependent on a small section of the game (generally speaking). I kinda want to maximize my chances of landing somewhere good so I am trying to make a very planned approach from the beginning. I am 3 semesters in my CS major (out of 8 semesters) and the time for looking for internships is getting close. This is really bugging me because I am also the only one around here that is interested in making a career out of gamedev. If I continued to get demotivated like this I may just hop on to one of the "fad" tech nowadays like Machine learning and Cloud etc., which I see as a waste of my effort from the past 4 years to get to a point where I am able to explore gamedev to this considerable extent.
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