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  1. Hi. For improving programming skills, recently I tried to create some tiny shaders, with more ambitious effect than just displaying single color (example below - animated 3D noise). Could someone tell about even more interesting tricks for HLSL language (especially in context of writing shorter code) ? // 620 chars without whitespaces // Apply material with shader to quad and that's all // Compiled in Unity 2018.1.0f2 // https://github.com/przemyslawzaworski/Unity3D-CG-programming Shader "I" { Subshader { Pass { Cull Off CGPROGRAM #pragma vertex V #pragma fragment P #define l lerp half k(half3 x) { half3 p=x-frac(x), f=x-p, n={1,0,0}, t={1,9,57}; f*=f*(3-2*f); #define h(m) frac(cos(dot(m,t))*1e5) return l(l(l(h(p),h(p+n.xyy),f.x),l(h(p+n.yxy),h(p+n.xxy),f.x),f.y),l(l(h(p+n.yyx),h(p+n.xyx),f.x),l(h(p+n.yxx),h(p+1),f.x),f.y),f.z); } void V(uint i:SV_VertexID,out half4 c:POSITION) {c=half4((i<<1&2)*2-1.,1-2.*(i&2),1,1);} void P(half4 u:POSITION,out half s:COLOR) { u = half4(9*u.xy/_ScreenParams,_Time.g,0); for (half i;i<1;i+=.02,u.y-=.1,u.w=(k(u)+k(u+9.5))/2,s=l(s,u.w,smoothstep(0,1,(u.w-i)/fwidth(u.w)))){} } ENDCG } } }
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