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  1. ryguy

    Grillin' Trees

    You are lost in a magical forest and you have the power to burn it down. Some trees will strike back. Hide behind trees, set trees on fires, and heal yourself. You can also jump, super jump, and shield yourself.
  2. ryguy

    Princess Of Illusions

    Princess Asta is being forced to find a suitor - she has rejected all but one prince who is set to visit her kingdom. This is her last chance to escape. Princess Asta is a powerful enchantress, however her powers have no effect on anyone in her bloodline. She can disrupt a group of guards to attack themselves, turn incoming damage into healing, steal abilities and spells and use them against her attackers, and place a teleporter. Aid in her escape from her powerful father, King Halvar. Search for the one you are truly in love with, at the cost of losing your heir to the throne... or worst... your life.
  3. ryguy

    Grillin' Trees

    The game was part of the BUTTERSCOTCH SHENANIJAM game jam in 2018
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