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  1. AndrewParker

    SDL Game Engine Development (C++)

    The code will change. Unless I'm wrong and I can use a version of SDL from 2010 or later to make a game for 2018? In that strange case I do have a book that I bought that teaches SDL from that time and I haven't read it because it's so out of date.
  2. AndrewParker

    SDL Game Engine Development (C++)

    Is that book still up to date? Says it's from 2010 and I just wanna make sure.
  3. AndrewParker

    SDL Game Engine Development (C++)

    It isn't that I want to make an engine just to make an engine as much as I want to 1 make an engine to learn how they can work and 2 not be chained to only making a game because someone else "graced" me with their engine when I could learn to make my own. It's more of a learning experience.
  4. AndrewParker

    SDL Game Engine Development (C++)

    Thanks for the explanation.
  5. Great thanks for the quick reply! I'll for sure check out all the links you sent. Also yeah I totally know about paying attention to the version they're writing about...I bought a book on SDL a while back but the version was WAY outdated. I need all the help I can get haha!
  6. Do you have any tips on where to go to learn SDL and OpenGL for someone who knows C++? I've used unity and quickly lose interest because while Unity does give you quick results, I never felt like the game was ACTUALLY mine. I want to make my own engine and editor. I think writing my own engine and tools would be more fulfilling than the game itself in some ways.
  7. Writing Your First Game Engine Using SDL, OpenGL, and C++ Ever worked with SDL or OpenGL to write your own game engine? Let's talk about it! I'm sure any tips or mentoring would be very appreciated by any new developers!
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