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  1. Hi everyone ! I would like to develop a Football Manager-type game in C# and I have a few questions. I developed in a few object-oriented languages before and I'd like to continue that way. Obviously, each and every entity of my game will be a class (Players, Teams, ...) but should I pair my game with a database (SQL database more likely) ? If I do, how can I make sure that the game is playable by anyone? Is a .sql file in my repository all I need? Also, I looked for a framework to build my game in 2-D but it seems like XNA/Monogame or Unity are a bit complicated or inappropriate for the type a game I want to create. Should I stay with Windows Forms, or is there a framework more adapted to my needs? Thanks for your answers !
  2. Thanks ! You answered all my concerns.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a engineering student in computer science and I'd like to improve my skills by developing a software : a Football Manager-type game (but for basket-ball). I really don't mind to build something not pretty to use at first as I'd like to focus on the accuracy of the database, gameplay (variety of possibilities) and simulaton engine. I have some knowledge in Java, C++ and Python and I know for a fact that Java will be very needed in my near career. Would you recommend me to develop with Java? If not, which language do you recommend me? Thanks for your future replies !
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