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  1. That's what I thought. I figured these libraries that every YouTube tutorial ever tells you to install before you can make your first rainbow colored triangle, are just convenience's and learning aids. Actually taking on a professional product is going to require a lot more customization and is probably a large reason many games from many developers tend to license well established engines like Unreal and Frostbite, and then go on to focus on content creation etc. With that in mind, does anyone know of any good resources for learning how to interface with the OGL API directly through c++? Things like context creation through Win32 API or creating and compiling shaders without using those ever so convenient wrappers the toolkits provide?
  2. Imagine you are Valve or ID or Dice, and your team is going to create a new engine to run your company's main titles for the next decade. You want an engine that is innovative and flexible, can knock socks off next year and still impress gamers 5 years down the road. Would someone in this position use helper libraries like GLUT aor GLFW or GLM or would they create their own libraries for their project and do the win API stuff manually?
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