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  1. I think that WOW! effect comes from attaining the sublime in terms of graphics. When different visual stimuli work coherently and elevate one another, you get a moment where you instantaneously know that you want to dive in and see what the game is about (I'm referring to looking at a screenshot of a game, and being WOW-ed).
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    I find leaning on love can help as well. Remember all the people you care about, and the people who's impression of yourself you would like to uphold, and when it's hard to move forward, imagine how they would react if they were there next to you - would you want them to look at you and pity you, or would you want to inspire them with your work ethic, creative ability, and general disposition on things. Good luck! Motivation is hard to maintain, so do whatever it takes.
  3. I think what you're talking about isn't realism, but polish. Good graphics, as subjective as the statement, should provide the viewer pleasure - meaning the visual aspects of the game read well, are coherent, and generally responsive (as is the point of interaction in the first place). Whether the world is made of blocks, or optimized photogrammetry scans, is really an artistic choice, but not one that defines whether a game looks good or not. So to answer, I like my game looking polished, and having depth. Whether the graphics are entirely pixelated, or leaning towards hyper realism is not a question that is ever on my mind.
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