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  1. You can find some details of the project here:
  2. Hello! I think you can send me messages if you go to my profile https://www.gamedev.net/profile/261289-tenshig-gaming/
  3. Yes! That was I mistake. I fixed. Thank you!
  4. My name is Gael and I'm a game designer and a writer. Designing, writing and making videogames are my passions, but at the moment, this is only a hobby. Nevertheless, I intend to turn it into a career. This is why I am currently looking for some people to join forces and make a team of game developers. Even though I'm not a 3D artist, I can help with some 3D models like little objects or the environment. But my main role is designing and writing the game. The intention is to create a JRPG similar to the Final Fantasy series, Lost Sphear, Children of Mana, etc. This game is already designed and the story is completed. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement and your contributions will be more than welcome! POSITIONS: - CONCEPT ARTIST - This person will create and design characters, environments and other concepts used within the game. So, he or she will be responsible for generating a portfolio of images to clarify the artistic vision. Manga / Anime is the preferred style of the artist, but other styles are also welcome! - 3D ARTIST - This person will create 3D models like the game characters, monsters, objects, etc. - ANIMATOR - This person will animate the models created by the 3D artist, to create in game animations as well as cut scenes. - C# PROGRAMMER- This person has to have experience with Unity 3D and C#, as this is going to be the main engine to create the game. For the moment, this is going to be unpaid work for all of us. But with time, the aim is to monetize this game and create a full indie video game studio. You will receive revenue when it starts making benefits. As this is a large and unpaid project, it can become tedious and frustrating working on it. However, it will be worth it, at least for the experience and fun we can all get by making it! Looking forward to meet you! Gael. - UPDATE - You can find some details of the project here:
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