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  1. Applixir Kyle

    Monetization Problem

    Have you ever thought about looking at other monetization options? There are some good alternatives out there.
  2. Applixir Kyle

    Why Are There Fewer Sci-Fi RPGs Than Fantasy Ones?

    Everything Scouting Ninja said makes sense. I've tried writing some SciFi stuff myself and the anxiety behind questions like: "Can call this a "Quantum" something?" "Does it make more sense for a laser gun to shoot with ions or neutrons?" "How far can this spaceship reasonably fly at light speed?" Honestly, I started to have more fun with it once I stopped caring as much about the technicalities and started focusing on the story in general. I can always fix the details while editing. On the other hand, with fantasy RPGs you don't need to worry about any of that. Your bow can shoot arrows made from mystical elven flowers that turn them into literal rays of light and no one questions it. "Oh that's how that works in this world? Okay cool."
  3. Applixir Kyle

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    Maybe the slime is more of an electrical ooze that comes from exposed cables. Like a sparkling white and blue blob. That's an idea. For the giant guy I have a celestial or Galactus type character in mind, colorful but all metal with a badass looking helmet. For another enemy maybe you could do something quick on all fours, like a robotic hound or something that flies like a drone.
  4. Am I missing something? I don't see a trailer and I'm curious to see how your game mechanics work, especially as a fan of RPGs and dungeon crawlers alike.
  5. Applixir Kyle

    Expand - New GAME

    It looks like fun! Gonna give it a try here soon.
  6. Sure does! We haven't found a game engine that we're not compatible with yet. And if you run into any issues with it I'm always happy to help out.
  7. I work for a company that provides reward video ad solutions. It's free to sign up and quick to add to your game. Most developers I've talked to tell me it takes them less than an hour to implement. Personally I love games, I love game development, and I think we could really help out. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions: http://applixir.com/
  8. Applixir Kyle

    Tips for marketing Android game on Google Play

    Once you start gaining more players you need to make sure you are tracking metrics so you know all the basics such as number of daily players and weekly players, average play times, growth rate of new players, percentage of new players who don't return within a week after their first play, etc. Data is your friend.
  9. Agreed. I've found that website a great resource.
  10. In the near future, probably a continued focus on AR/VR gaming. I expect that as smart phones get more powerful we'll see more traditionally console games to have versions available on mobile as well. Consoles will continue to try to be at least somewhat competitive with computer gaming, and maybe delving into the mobile gaming market now that the Nintendo Switch has been such a success.
  11. Applixir Kyle

    Starting a browser game.

    I forgot about those type of games! They basically started the freemium movement in web-based gaming. Agree with SkyPenguin though, learn some JavaScript and check out what others have done.
  12. Applixir Kyle

    Freemake First Release - Walk Around The Game World

    Feels very smooth to me, I like how the camera moves around with you and could reveal more of the map when/if you expand.
  13. Applixir Kyle

    Love Me

    Okay okay. That's a cool start. It's almost like a modern-day version of clue but with stats.
  14. Applixir Kyle

    Love Me

    It's not a bad idea. I'm curious what you imagine the actual gameplay to be like once you get to the campsite (I assume that's where the game truly begins). Are you looking for clues as to where the stalker is? Are you trying to set up some sort of defense to protect your friends?
  15. It sounds like you went through a real learning experience. No one goes into business without running into some road blocks. What's important is that you take them as the learning opportunities that they are and apply those lessons to future projects. Which sounds like what you're already doing! It can definitely be disheartening, but don't beat yourself up too much. Keep exploring your passion! Do you mind if I ask about the free-to-play game you're developing?
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