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  1. PlayerA

    How to calculate this vector?

    My English is very poor.Sorry╮(╯▽╰)╭
  2. PlayerA

    How to calculate this vector?

    Thank you very very much.Recently some problems have been encountered, and the knowledge of 3D mathematics is found, but it is regrettable that I am a novice to 3D mathematics but are eager to solve the problem, and the knowledge of 3D mathematics is still not clear. Thank you for reminding me of calculating normals and rotating with Quaternion. Thanks again.
  3. In game development, we need to design a turning system. When the angle is less than 80 degrees, it will rotate directly and rotate 80 degrees when the angle is greater than 80 degrees. Known (A1, B1, C1), (A2, B2, C2) how to calculate (x, y, z)
  4. I need to get this information in batches to prepare for optimization because there are about 15 scenes at present and will be more and more in the future.
  5. How to get the number of triangles caused by the shadow in the code?
  6. Thank you for your answer!Now I found a way of doing it: Scene scene = EditorSceneManager.OpenScene(path, OpenSceneMode.Single); MeshFilter mf = root.GetComponent<MeshFilter>(); mf.sharedMesh.triangles.Length/3; But the result is not the same as the tris in the Game window. I found one reason Thank you for your reminding,the main extra triangles is from shadows. But the new problem appears: How can I get the shadows' tris... Note: This method is a bit troublesome because it take a lot of time to open every scene..But at least this can solve the problem.I wonder if I can get data directly without opening the scene, because the data is static, and it is there.Anyone has any idea can share here...Thank you again for your help
  7. What does the.Unity file contain in addition to the scene info(name,rootgameobject and so on) and what the type of *.unity if it makes sense to say that.
  8. The purpose is to get all scenes'tris for performance optimization
  9. How to get the selected scene's triangles in code in menuitem?
  10. How to get the selected scene's triangles in code in menuitem?
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