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  1. RooneyRocket

    Advice for Creating a Hand Drawn 2D RPG

    Aah, thank you so much for the really informative replies! I really, really appreciate it. Oh my gosh, this break down was super helpful, thank you for taking the time! This might be a silly question, but if I were to break up my buildings and objects into sprites this way, do you have any advice for how I should go about the ground? Should I be reconstructing it in a similar way? I had wanted to paint some more textured roads, and nature with paths and grass. Should I keep it simple? With this method is it more about those cleverly varied sprite placements to achieve more detail and unique areas? Sounds like trees, bushes, and those sorts of objects would also be sprites that I could re-use to add detail, which would be great!
  2. Hi, everybody! This is my first official forum post here so I hope this isn't too messy or hard to follow. I might be super duper new at this, but I've got some questions I hope someone might be able to help me with. I've been researching how to create an open world 2D RPG using Unity. My idea has been to hand draw sections of my maps first on paper, then bring them into Photoshop, string them together, and finish painting the areas digitally. I attached a very rough map sketch to this post that I threw a little bit of color and a test sprite on for reference. More than anything I wanted to show that I imagined the map free, more abstract maybe, with the possibility of both "isometric-ish" buildings drawn free-hand and other areas of the map with more verticality. In all my searching I'm still not sure if I've found very many examples of this. Maybe there's very good reason for that, haha. So I'm wondering how realistic is this design? I've read mixed opinions on not using tiles in these types of games, especially if the maps might be big. Is a free-hand design like this too unrealistic for an open world with sprawling maps? Are there key fundamentals that are just going right over my head? How would I go about implementing tiles in my design if that's the most viable option for something like this? I know I'll have to make a lot of compromises in some way, but I don't know which would be the wisest. Thank you so, so much in advance to anyone who might have some answers for me. I hope it wasn't too painful to read, but I really appreciate any guidance you might be able to give me!
  3. RooneyRocket

    Main Menu Concept v1

    I'm very new this website, still learning how to use it, but I stumbled across this and thought I'd comment because it's super cool! I don't know quite what I'm doing yet haha, so this might not be useful or the kind of feedback you're looking for but I wanted to try to maybe be a fresh pair of eyes. This feels cozy and calm to me, yet mysterious like I want to know more about who this person is, and what we're doing here. A great opener I think. The subtle movements add a lot to it too. Have you played around with lighting effects from the fire? Like making it flicker on the ground and surrounding area? That could be cool! (-: That's the only thing I can think of adding, I really like the menus, seems really easy to navigate, the font is nice. It looks great to me and it's got me interested to know more!
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