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  1. ahhhh, sorry to drag this on but there is one more thing I can't fully understand. if I have different classes for players and teams than how do I connect the two? if I use the average offensive and defensive abilities of players to make a team offensive and defensive ability and sim based on that than how does the individual player ratings affect how many points a player gets? how do I get the star player to score more points when I am simulating team vs team?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I do understand that there are many possibilities in sports as I watch spots a lot but since I'm still starting out with coding I figured id do something simple first and than build on that. you mentioned the chances of a player scoring a goal on a goalie 1 v 1, how do I connect events such as that to the game simulated as a whole? I could add shots on goal and shots against to the simulation instead of goals per game and against. but than again how do I incorporate a players likelihood of getting a chance and scoring with the team as right now I only know how many chances a team created as a whole and how many goals they scored as a whole. should I break down the game to even smaller parts and simulate with the players than simulating the game as a whole with teams? sorry if I make no sense
  3. I'm a beginner so this might be very dumb. I think I've finally understood the logic behind how a game is simulated and i still don't know how to do it in swift code . I use the offensive ability of a team and translate that to goals for based on, in this case, the NHL stats on about how much good offenses score vs bad offenses and do the same for goals against. multiply the offense of team one with team twos defense and vice versa. and then square root the two and you should get the average number of goals expected from the teams in a matchup. How do I do this in swift code? how do I make a number where there is supposed to be an average but the number should still be kind of random? and then there is the player part. how do i have so that it is a certain player that scores the goal? And make it so that players with higher stats score more goals. because I just averaged the offensive abilities of all the players and defensive abilities of all the players to make the team abilities. can I incorporate a player stats in a system like this or do I need to use a different kind of simulation? also any new simulation styles ideas are welcomed. thanks in advance!!!!!
  4. Helllo I want to create a hockey management game that is pure simulation and no game play offline singel player game on ios . the games would be simulated instantly but stats like assist, goals +/- saves, turnovers takeaways, hits... would be shown after the game. I would like to create player attributes speed, passing, shooting hits defending and offensive and defensive awernesss and also their heights and weights. And have the game simed based on a teams attribute that is based on the overall player attribute. I would like to have a trading and drafting system. the trading system based on first how good the team is if the team is top 25%, they would be trading away young players with potential but not high overall for players with overall but old age. and the opposite for teams with low 25% overall. the average team would have no specific trade in mind. There will be a draft based om overall and potential but potential would not be shown on the draft day. they will be shown a year after the player is drafted. there will be a standings table as well as players stats table where you can sort on all kinds of stats. It will have player progression system where young players will 80% reach their potential and the potential will start to drop after a player hits 33. It will auto generate young players on every draft day and retire players that potential is 0 which is about 3-5 years after there potential starts dropping. I know this is a very ambitious project and I whom is only a highschool student with no programming experience is nearly impossible to accomplish but i am willing to start small like Create a simulation with 1 stat and create a databas with 1 stat and work my way upp from there. Do you have any advise on which language to learn, how these things that i named above can be create, and which books or tutorials i should use to help my learning process and any additional advise is welcome. Thanks in advance!!!!
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