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  1. New track, hot off the press!
  2. Some more chiptune for the soul :3
  3. New track, messing with some chiptune
  4. Testing out some new software for this one; check it out!
  5. Obligatory bump; New Song!
  6. Come one and all, yet another song for you to take a gander at! :D
  7. New Song, Check it out!
  8. A Bunch of new songs on my soundcloud! Here's Just one!
  9. Just made a new song, come check it out!
  10. Hi there! I'm a freelance video game music composer and I'm currently looking for work! I am a motivated and enthusiastic composer who has made a variety of tracks in many different styles, but I am particularly fond of the retro-inspired tone of arcade games and consoles. I have made significant contributions to the Freeware DOOM project, Freedoom. Here is a video of just a few of my submissions (C3M1 - C3M8): I also have a Soundcloud for a varied assortment of music you can listen to, including tracks for an upcoming game project still in development: My Facebook: My Twitter: My rates are negotiable and flexible. Thanks for reading!
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