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  1. I have used C# in the past and found it quite easy to transition between that and Java, so I think that would be a good idea for me to try, do you know of any tutorials or guides to get started with DirectX in C#?
  2. I have very minimal experience in C++, and no experience in DirectX
  3. I need advice or tutorial links from anybody that wants to help, but I'm trying to make a game using UWP, DirectX, and C++, because I need it to be able to upload to the Xbox Creators Program, https://www.xbox.com/en-US/developers/creators-program. Judging by the responses and the information that I have received, I have decided to try and use C# to make a game using UWP and DirectX, considering my past experience and the similarities between Java and C# far surpass the ones between Java and C++. Thanks for all of the helpful responses!
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