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  1. DisagreeWithD

    Where value comes from in game

    Your welcome, I hope its helpful.
  2. DisagreeWithD


    What you are describing would likely take a team of 20+ people who already have 10+ years of experience 3+ years to complete if they are extremely efficient. I might recommend starting with one of the tutorial games in Unity, like roll a ball, and see where that takes you. Good luck!
  3. DisagreeWithD

    Where value comes from in game

    look into Octalysis: Its a big topic
  4. DisagreeWithD

    Creating the Same Mood of Another Song

    Without you here sounded a little more somber, or darker to my ears, and less whimsical. Good luck!
  5. DisagreeWithD

    Horrible soundtrack

    Try playing simple one note melodies to get the emotion you are looking for. When that works for you, add additional instruments. Good luck!
  6. DisagreeWithD

    Having Difficulty Choosing Sound Effects

    1. Try using a microphone to make sound effects with your mouth. This is the quickest way for me to get something into the game for testing purposes. 2. Once you have a sound you like, now switch your brain to technical mode and try to make that sound better / recreate it with digital equipment. Good luck!
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