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  1. yadda

    Need library/engine/whatever

    Thanks a lot. Will check back to see if anyone else chimes in.
  2. The purpose of this is to get me started in a direction as far as knowing what to look at or evaluate. I need either a library, or an engine. I could consider cannibalizing source to make something custom, if necessary. A few things: - Open source, and/or free. - 2D. - Realtime. - At a minimum I will need collision detection. I may go full-bore physics, but it won't need to be super-fancy - e.g. complicated joints, rag doll dynamics, etc. - it would just need to be basic collision physics. - As for platforms, no Microsoft, no .NET, no C#, etc. Also, it would need to be either OpenGL, or something like that which is 'standard' and freely available. At a minimum, this would run on Linux, preferably FreeBSD. - Would prefer non-Java. If I'm having to compile something, or link into some library, best would probably be C/C++. - This is important. I need something parallelizable. Meaning, I would like to run a bunch of 'whatever' I will be using (engines or whatever) on multiple cores, possibly even multiple machines, and I would like them to ALL tackle the SAME problem. Just think of some big simulation, with multiple processors producing the simulation. - Performance is a concern. - I don't know how hardware acceleration factors into this, if at all. I know it is generally used for the graphics. But here, my concern is the collision resolution, and possibly the physics, but not the graphics at this juncture. So, you tell me.
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