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  1. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Good evening! I started a new track last night, and finished it this evening. Kind of hit me out of nowhere (not complaining!), and it'll be part of my "The Forgotten Legend" OST that I've been working on for some time now. I present to you Fields of Fool's Gold: Thanks for listening and checking it out!
  2. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Good morning and happy Saturday! This is the 10th track, and the boss fight track, for the R.O.A.R. project I've been working on. I'm quite happy with it and thought you might like to hear it. I put a few samples of two previous R.O.A.R. tracks into it as well, and the goal was to make it pretty frantic and chaotic. Hope you like it!
  3. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Happy Monday morning! I finished another few tracks over the weekend, but wanted to share this particular one with you (the rest are up on my YouTube channel). This is another one for R.O.A.R., and I experimented a little bit with it. Kind of starts off like it could be a dungeon-based theme, but went in the exact opposite direction with it. This is really supposed to be a final stage track. Thanks in advance for listening!
  4. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Hope you all had a great holiday! I was away from home for a while, but I think it helped to step away from the music for a little bit. But, I finished a couple more tracks. Here's one of 'em: It's more of a factory-esque theme, still going to be part of the R.O.A.R. soundtrack I'm working on. Thanks for listening!
  5. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Good morning! I finished a new track! It's still being based around the R.O.A.R. project. I hope you like it! Thanks for listening!
  6. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Good morning and happy Monday! I created another track over the past week! So, here ya go! More of a boss fight theme this time: I hope y'all enjoy!
  7. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Lets make a video game! - Project 16x16

    What's the overall tone/mood of the game? Serious? Playful? I'm a hobby video game musician (hoping to break into something professional on the side one day), and I've got a lot of my work on both the forums here and on my YouTube channel. I have zero experience in making audio/sound effects, but have a few soundtracks I've been making for games that don't exist. I may be interested in contributing if you think my stuff might be a good fit!
  8. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Good morning! I've got another track ready (and a new cover for my upcoming album!): It's a bit more of a trip to the nostalgic chip-tune era, but I'm happy with it!
  9. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Yep! Another track!
  10. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Good morning and happy Sunday! I finished another track yesterday, which is essentially a follow-up to "Persistence is Futile". Using some of the similar sounds from that track, I am creating a story with the tracks. I hope you like it! Thanks for checking it out!
  11. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Good afternoon! I finished another track this morning! This uses all 8-bit sounds with some reverb effects to help set the mood. I present to you: Persistence is Futile! Thanks for listening!
  12. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Good morning! I finished a new track over the weekend! It's more along the lines of my "Loch SNES Monster" album, so it sounds a little more familiar, but I'm very happy with it! Enjoy!
  13. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Thank you! I've been doing this for a little over 2 years now. Started off solely 8-bit, then tried incorporating more modern effects/sounds into each track. Glad you enjoy it!
  14. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Happy Halloween! I shared this next track on a live stream over the weekend and got a lot of good feedback on it. It's spooky, it fits the theme of what this particular holiday is all about, and I hope you'll enjoy it, too!
  15. BitsNPiecesMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Good morning, everyone! I know it's been a while once again, but I've been busy with music. As some of you know, I've been working pretty diligently on "The Forgotten Legend", a self-started project for an RPG soundtrack. The goal of this album was to incorporate bits of the main theme into as many tracks as I could without it feeling forced. This is the final boss fight for the project: The title speaks for itself. I really poured my soul into this one, more than I've ever felt before. I know it's a bit longer than most of my work, but I think it turned out quite well. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
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