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  1. Doci-lowraptor

    How much equipment is too much for a group-RPG?

    I think the notion of "best stuff" means there's no option. Easy ≠ Simple If you have a "auto-equip" system, to me that's synonym of failure. Failure to learn the player how to make a choice by himself. If you can always choose the best without sacrifices, it's actually not a choice at all. A good choice would be to sustain a characteristic rather than another one. Then you have summit simple but not easy. That would be interesting and enhance the gameplay
  2. Doci-lowraptor

    Where value comes from in game

    I think it doesn't look nice to look the same as every body. To that regard, rarety is important but I think that's almost just about it. Cosmetic is probably the most valued thing to my opinion. You always have things that are only there to be there (collector) in every game and that's super expensive all the time. Usually rare things are very hard to get through RNG but that not the actual definition of the word "difficulty" you'll agree with that I think. I don't know many games where hard stuff to get aren't very few and the most valuable thing at the beginning to finally just be kind of casual. About your question, I think I will always keep the cheapest and sell the other one. You mainly have 2 kind of people: - - those who get a little money and get back to poverty -Those who always invest money and always stay posh The second category don't spend money for nothing very often and wearing an expensive stuff who has a cheap equivalent is the beginning of loosing money. No matter how hard it was. Profitability's always first in multi-player gaming (which is quite sad). The most important things you dismiss are 1) knowledge 2) lazyness. You can always earn money in other's laziness or because you know something they don't. That usually how you get gold x10 on a game. Doing hard stuff is not usually the best way to get richer. It's good. But not the most efficient at all. (unless you find a way to make it easier an quickly, which as I said is more about knowledge)
  3. Doci-lowraptor

    Where value comes from in game

    Players give value to things according to how "cool" they will be wih it: changing their title, their rank, that looks nice,help to show big damage, something nobody else have.... Showing off is the only thing that matters for most of the people I think.
  4. Doci-lowraptor

    How much equipment is too much for a group-RPG?

    To my opinion, there's no point in doing many items just to have many items. Make them specifics: like some caracteristics or abilities exclusive to on type of item. Don't make it just according to ropleplay but gameplay. Do it as simple as you can, then when you have a way good idea you can match it to an item. PS: square boxes of the same size would make your game looking great
  5. Doci-lowraptor

    Advanced gear in the wilderness? (fantasy rpg)

    Well, if you go the furthest I see two possibilities: - the most powerfull sources of energy are found way far from cities. That's where you find the most powerful monsters but ALSO the place where the most powerfull enchantment can be done wich means the most powerfull gear. (kind of the same as the ring in the lord of the ring. kind of). You can uses some altars/sanctuaries or summit like it. - you can find somehow knowlege to do this through magic (it's a bit like in Skyrim when you discover new dragon shouts but here it would be aboute forge)
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