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  1. Hello, I'm curious as to how one calculates position coordinates for the terrain; specifically the height coordinates. My understanding of Terrain generation with height maps is iterating through the heightmap and retrieving pixel data. The pixel data, depending on its greyscale color (white or black), will determine its height. However, I'm unsure of the practical implementation of this, specifically the equation used to convert pixel data to new height coordinates. In addition to the Y coordinates, how do I determine the values in the X and Z plane. Do I just pick a range of values (ex. [-30, 30]) in X and Z? Lastly, I'm sure indices will have to be used in order to make an efficient program. My prior experience with Index is manually entering values for simple geometric shapes (Cubes and triangles). This seems more involved than before. I was wondering if there exists an algorithm that handles indices when dealing with terrain.
  2. Hi there, I am not a good coder at all, making a game in unreal because I can understand blueprints. I am looking for any (basic) theory resources to do with game design & game logic, but searching 'game design' usually means 'philosophical youtube videos' (great and inspiring) or 'game logic', (language dependent), and as i'm using blueprints, a heap of c++ code or whatever isnt very helpful, although using BP i am slowly understanding the structure of code, albeit very slowly. I was never taught and it just doesnt go in as well as visual things like BP. Any books or online resources with simple game structures? so I can start making simple things in blueprints? like a game design theory bible? ideally, flow diagram style... ? thanks for any help - finally after years of thinking I cant do it, UED4 is actually enabling me to get somewhere
  3. Hi guys, i need some help till now i made almost perfect mouse selection unit i mean rts style c# mouse scrtips this works almost all of the warc3 game mouse function now i want to unit to move with navmesh navmeshagent.SetDestinaton(Input.mouseposition) this doesn work T.T im so sorry guys i forgot if (Physics.Raycast(Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition), out hit, 100)) please help me! thanks!
  4. Hi guys, So, I'm looking to start my first project in UE4 and Maya. I'm hoping to find some help here. 1. What Software do i use? 2. What skills should i acquire? 3. How do i compile my game so i can let my friends play it too? 4. How much time will i need in order to make it at least playable? 5. What sort of game is the best one to start off with? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hey guys, Good day dear peopleI'm completely new here and very nervous to be honest. I started with 3D-Design at my traineeship and can slowly start with my ideas for a survival/rpg game in 3d. But since I only used RPG Makers until now I wonder how is the best way to start with a game, and what I would need for that. Thanks,Have a wonderful day!Blackbeen
  6. Hello gamedev community it has been awhile that I have been here, but soon enough I will going on this site more often. School has been busy especially with Computer Science 2 with C++14 we are finally finished with OOP and OOD. I had finally made my plans to hopefully head to the path I need to be a future game developer a list of some study and read about video game programming learn other C++ libraries ( such as OpenGL ) learn the UnReal game engine ( already know C++ why learn C# for Unity ) Learn Java ( for mobile game apps it is one of my main focuses, as well as PC, and Xbox ) Learn everything about Linux - shell scripting, the entire command line ( only got the basics ) Learn Visual Studio 2017 Learn how to do pixel art ( I want to make 2D games as starter before heading to 3D ) and MUCH MORE I will make other stuff besides games as well
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