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  1. Not sure yet. 2d seems to offer more usability but unless I go isometric I'll have to sacrifice the world. Also the game will feature an animation editor and I don't know animation bones would work very well in that scenario. I would prefer 3d for the flexibility however it seems that it would limit entry level animation and texture modding. I am novice at best at programming. I understand enough to research and reverse open source code but do not have the experience the create a desired result from scratch. My plan is to flesh out the idea and the start working with coders who know what they are doing lol! However I guess initially I need something simple to work out some ideas so I guess 2d would be perfect for that. My main concern at this point is stat, effect(state) management and a way to create a progression system. Graphics and animation can be worked out at a later time
  2. Greeting all! I have an idea for a game so I'm doing some research. So I was wondering what engines would be best for a noob with minimal experience (modding, MUGEN) to work out some rpg mechanics. I want to create a custom stat, perk, combat and an action based progression system.
  3. Foqus

    Modable Animations

    Greetings all! I have an idea for a game so I'm currently doing some research. Context: So. The game will be a fighter that allows the player to customize their characters all of their "Movez" and swap them out at will (out of combat of course) and allow for custom movesets. This was shown in an old WWE game (smack down vs raw I believe). However, I want to make it so that the community can create animations for movez/stylez via an in game animation editor. I would like to have set parameters to limit animations to not have 'unnatural' movements. Questions: 1) What are you thoughts on how thoughts on how to best execute this? 2) What's the most efficient and user-friendly animation methods. E.G. 2d vs 3d, bone vs mesh vs frame.
  4. Foqus

    Pierce vs Penetration

    Ok that makes sense! Yes, however since some games use pierce in the context of ignoring def, I was wondering if there was a fundamental reason for using that way. The way you summarized it gave me an idea to use both. Thank you!
  5. Greetings! I have an idea for a game so I'm doing some research to work out the basic mechanics. So, I was wondering if there is a fundamental difference (from a mechanics stand point) between pierce and penetration?
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