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  1. Somewhat still looking for this; nothing to add, meanwhile I am up to make some step forward https://gitlab.com/alexwbc/Rize-at-Zero-prototype Godot engine, MIT license (if you find something useful, concept-desing-and-art aside, feel free to take it)
  2. Do we love animated gif, don't we? This is what I am at currently, also supposedly it show what I am able to contribute with: rig and animate some CC0 chracter models, very simple low-poly world map. My gitlab repo is open for everyone if you want to take a peek at my un-code abilities, be my guest: no string attached. If seeing the code and the GDD did made up your mind, you're welcome to contact me... if you find something useful for yourself in just the bare code, well feel free to use it as it please you. My only concern is about the game design: please don't take it away from me, kthxgbay.
  3. Game design document: link.odt (require LibreOffice or compatible) (don't expect anything professional) Rise@Zero is a Apocalypse Arena where a massive number of players cooperate to... well, survive to an apocalypse. Players are expected to collaborate, each time someone die the difficulty scales up to unsolvable situation: I shall leave the GDD itself for all the details. The project itself its currently beyond my league and, anyway, I still don't know if the game would be actually fun: let me explain. This concept is fairly original: its not about shooting, melee fight, asymmetrical horror and overused stuff like that. The core is that player would almost feel the impending need to protect other players: each time a player dies, the earthquake's ratio scale up... possibly ending in a "domino effect". Newbie player would play in similar fashion of the baby in "Who's your daddy" game. Having no empirical background for such kind of game, I simply don't know if this game may be fun or plainly boring: to figure this out at least a prototype is needed, and that's the reason why I am looking for help. The prototype is also detailed in the last chapter (appendix) of the GDD: not all features are mandatory, I can further scale things down if needed. Things I can contribute with is rigging models, build simple/scratchy lowpoly maps, concepts art and contribute with lore that help builds the look&feel (mostly done already in the GDD) I can't provide any founding, but I am open to give the netcode developer the absolute priority on any possible earning from donation/patreon (ie: on Patreon the first tier is yours): the only thing I ask is to not take away this project from me. Code is expected to be released MIT licensed; so no restriction are expected here as well (you can give up anytime, and use the code you did for whatever shooter/melee arena you want: there are many possible applications... I just want the honesty that you will not use it to build your own Apocalypse Arena). Target platform is Linux (with an alternative Windows client for catch more tester possible) and Godot Engine. EDIT: Forgot to add, there's a small draft for a prototype made by me, feel free to take a look, it's a MIT license.. so there are no string attached https://gitlab.com/alexwbc/Rize-at-Zero-prototype Code is basically a mix of godot demo: multiplayer bomberman-like and kinect player.
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