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  1. VociferousMusic

    Ouija: Board of Fortune

    I do hear the other synthetic sounds, the big drums in the background, since you usually only work with timpanis when it comes to a real orchestra (I may be wrong about that). But unlike the lead, you barely notice that. However, you liking the result of it and your dev team is what counts at the end.
  2. VociferousMusic

    Ouija: Board of Fortune

    Hey, I really like the soundtrack and certainly fits the description you gave along. It feels dark, mysterious, but on the other hand, not too powerful. When listening to this, I personally thought about the old egypt, exploring the pyramids or other structures in the darkness. As well as I like your selection of played instruments. There is just one thing, that was personally bothering almost a little bit, which would be the lead at 1:00 - 1:05. All instruments do sound organic, while the lead sounds very electronical, which I heard out immediately. I would have used another soft instrument instead, just like a flute or simply another string such as a solo violin or viola. But in general, this is very well made!
  3. VociferousMusic

    Sharing my work with you

    Hi, here are more soundtracks, perfectly fitting the summer season. They are three different songs with three different music genres and topics. Enjoy! Beach Party - Tags: Jazz, Swing, Orchestral, Big Band, Sea, Party, Uplifting Splash Bash - Tags: Swing, Orchestral, Big Band, Sea, Uplifting, Fantasy, Adventure Coral Riff - Tags: Orchestral, Symphony, Sea, Fantasy, Ambience, Underwater Cheers!
  4. VociferousMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    I definitely can see this being used for a RPG game. I like the dark theme and the scary touch of it. I actually don't mind the happy part at the end. I also tend to mix up moll and dur quite often and doesn't sound too bad, if the segue is good, which I honestly think, could be done better. But I have to admit, mood swings are not that easy and require much of patience and time. This also is more familiar to what I usually listen to, therefore I enjoyed listening to this quite much!
  5. VociferousMusic

    Bits & Pieces Music

    Hey, as a little return and of course interest, I listened to all your shared soundtracks. I have to say this isn't really the kind of music I like listening to all the time, I never was a big fan of 8-Bit sounds. But, in general, I still really liked listening to your soundtracks, I really like your style when it comes to the melodies. I like the achords you are using, they remind me on my own works. But since you already got lots of feedback about your previous uploads, I will rate this one more in details. Again, I really like the melody. It's dramatic, but uplifting at the same time and could be part of the older series of the Zelda games, for example. But in general I couldn't say to what kind of game type it fits the best, I could imagine it would match up quite a lot of genres, which is really good! In regards of our other conversation, I guess I would really enjoy your content, if you were able to try out the orchestra scene. I could imagine some really epic melodies coming from you. There are many instruments that can be used and are part of usual, bigger orchestra. Just one negative point I have to speak out. You should try to use more variation. In other words, you should use more side-parts. Parts that are not that intense. The track's melody is awesome, but you are quickly fed up, if it plays during the entire soundtracks. Within those side parts, you could change the melody a little bit, use other instruments or use other notes, maybe only long ones, or short ones. I can hear at some of the parts, the soundtrack decreases the number of used instrument, but the main melody is still the same. But now in general, keep up your work!
  6. VociferousMusic

    Sharing my work with you

    Hello BitsNPiecesMusic, thank you very much for your neat feedback! I currently work with "PreSonus - Studio One", since 2015. It might not be very known, but as you can hear out, you are able to achieve really good results with it. But of course, I must say, that it does not really depend on what software you use. Other more known softwares, such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase etc. are just as good! To make my audio sound like orchestra/big band live recording, you simply have to know how to use reverb effects. There are several tutorials on YouTube to guide you. On the other hand, you certainly need to get nice sounding instruments, which also is very important. Within the time, I started to get more and more high quality instruments, starting from the very common ones, such as string esembles, brasses to more unusual instruments. If you purchase plugins, you should start off with the instruments, that are more in the foreground and usually are part of any composition by default. All kinds of strings (Basses, Cellos, Violas, Violins) are a good example for that. Another important part of the production of professional music is working with the stereo. Inform yourself how an orchestral big band is built-up, look where which instrument usually is placed and play a lot with the pan stuff. It really adds a realistic feeling of being right into the concert hall/stage score. If you have further questions, feel free to ask!
  7. VociferousMusic

    Sharing my work with you

    Hi people, I am new to this website, I recently got attention to this and I thought I would become a part of this community. Today, as a start-off, I would like to share my previous work with you. If that was not obvious yet, I am a music composer. I already started to produce music since I am a child, and my life goal probably is to start a real career in regards to it. In the past, I used to produce much of electronical music, mostly related to Techno or other sub-genres, that belong to EDM. Since I was not successful with it (apart from moderately high views on YouTube), I started to change my style of music and eventually found much interest in the orchestral scene, which leaded to many different sub-genres, even other music genres, I personally would tag under Jazz. To my fortune, I already succeed to compose music for an online game. However, this game is rather small and has a very small playerbase, so I would consider this as a little fulfilled side-goal, to fresh-up my career. I am very glad to tell, that I already found a bigger movie studio, that is interested in taking me to become their music composer. I basically will be responsible for the entire soundtrack of a movie, which will be shown in the cinematics, which in my opinion even might be the real breakthrough, and probably the best career chance I ever will meet. However, this movie project will start in the future and I still have space of a few years of scope for other projects. But now to the music I would like to share with you! Here are some of my latest works. Note: Every soundtrack (covers included) was completely created by myself without any samples involved of other's or original work. Cinematic Music Forgotten Legend - Tags: Orchestral, Dramatic, Emotional, Powerful, Epic, Hero, Fantasy, Action Fiasco - Tags: Orchestral, Dramatic, Powerful, Epic, Fantasy, Action, Trailer Goddess Amanda's Reach - Tags: Orchestral, Dramatic, Powerful, Fantasy, Action The Eternality - Orchestral, Tags: Powerful, Emotional, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Uplifting The Beast Within - Orchestral, Tages: Powerful, Thriller, Trailer, Scary, Mystery, Epic, Dramatic, Dark The Bliss - Tags: Orchestral, Fantasy, Uplifting, Hero, Powerful, Emotional, Symphony Magical Winter - Tags: Symphony, Jazzy, Emotional, Fantasy, Orchestral Other Music (Non-electronical) Spooky Adventure - Tags: Jazz, Funny, Cartoon-ish, Swing Spooky Ambience - Tags: Calm, Swing, Jazz, Ambience Haunted House - Tags: Cartoon-ish, Jazz, Mystery, Spooky, Orchestral Mystic Valley - Tags: Ambience, Epic, Emotional, Scary, Dark Covers / Remakes Skyrim Main theme - Tags: Orchestral, Epic, Uplifting, Action, Fantasy, Powerful, Dramatic Super Mario 3D World: Bowser's World - Tags: Jazz, Swing, Dark, Orchestral Hall of the Inferno (Soundtrack from 'The last Airbender') - Tags: Orchestral, Percussions, Powerful, Epic, Dramatic I would be more than glad to receive some feedback about my work. I never get enough of that. It really helps me a lot to know what people think, I am good at, and where some improvement is needed. I could provide you even more examples, but some of the soundtracks are not uploaded yet. I might do another people, where I will add another couple of soundtracks. But for now, thank you all for listening to my music! Best regards, Vociferous Music
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