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  1. vlucki

    Menu UI - Partial Pausing the Game

    Well, I guess "pause" should indeed be reserved for... well, actually pausing the game. Sorry about that naive answer An alternative would be lowering "Global Time Dilation" and increasing "Custom Time Dilation" on the character - it wouldn't exactly pause everything, but the achieved effect would be similar. Another, which may be the preferred way I believe, is having some variable in your Game State which all relevant entities use to know whether the menu is active or not and act accordingly. Regarding the varied scenarios where "playing an idle would break the flow", you could make it work with a more complex system. For instance, you could check if the game is paused and, should that be the case, decide whether to simply fallback to an idle state (say if the char wasn't in combat) or just freeze it in place (setting playback speed to 0) and layer an idle on top of the current one, eg. keep the sword raised, but the character still breathes (and maybe looks around as if thinking "what the heck is happening?" if you're going for this vibe).
  2. vlucki

    Menu UI - Partial Pausing the Game

    You could pause the game and make the character tick when paused. Not sure it'd still react to input, so you may want to disable it on the controller too.
  3. I'd advise you to be careful of such approach. Each individual has a different taste and, while there are bound to be similarities, it is always best to get as large a sample as possible when testing your ideas. Just because you enjoy something doesn't mean it'll be commercially viable. Unless, of course, that is the whole point of it: to make a game you want. In this case, go for it and, if you succeed, all the better. Note: I am not saying you should make games that you yourself would not enjoy, just to be sure others would enjoy them too.
  4. If you truly have "all the time in the world", you could indeed pull it off. But that is precisely the main problem you'd face. If you want to use a small budget, that means most likely working alone or with a very small team, which will inevitably slow down the production. Sure, you may be willing to invest 10 or 20 years in your project, but by the time you are done, the industry moved on, trends changed, your graphics are outdated, etc... it may even be that someone else beat you to the punch and made something really similar but much quicker. Well, that's just my take on it. Despite all the cheap/free tools available nowadays that massively speed things up, creating a game is still quite a laborious process.
  5. I mostly agree with you there We need more variety - good variety I mean. I'm not particularly against 2D games, but they're so predominant that it gets kind of stale ,I guess. It all depends on the execution. This on the other hand sounded much like those "seven years old" you mentioned - too arrogant and egotistical. Take a step back and, as previously stated, get some experience and you shall (hopefully) understand. Not that you can't have excellent ideas! Just be a little more mindful of how you talk about them. Then again, perhaps you were just being sarcastic - sometimes I fail to notice those things in the internet.
  6. That's quite close to it! What you are looking for is the "ifdef" preprocessor directive #ifdef ADV_MODE #include <advLibrary.h> #endif Or, if you actually want to use its value, a regular "if" #if ADV_MODE == 1 #include <advLibrary.h> #endif
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