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  1. NekrosArts

    Victorian Horror Project

    1849, Great Britain ~ After a malevolent cult enjoyed a continueing growth of popularity, it became a threat to all people who did not share their philosophy. In 1845, the cult had taken control by force over several city districts or even whole villages throughout Great Britain. Now, a priest is declared to sneak into one of those reprobated cities to finish a task, that multiple people had failed accomplishing before. That´s were our story begins... Learn more: Devlogs, Gameplay, Level Design --> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBgS6cpA7PEqWh3GxT4zwSg Victorian Horror Project is a first-person adventure horror game. You´ll be send into a city which is under control of a malicious satanic cult. The supporter of this cult summoned a creature of darkness that terrorizes the remaining population. It will be your task to saint the wayside crosses of the city with three phials of holy water. Those phials can be refilled, but you´ll need to find the spots where those phials can be recharged. And in the darkness something is waiting for you...
  2. I´ve hidden a character there Thanks for the hints: especially the second one is interesting. I started using volumes in my open world level design series but havn´t adjusted them yet.
  3. I have hidden something in the video. Comment if you found it
  4. Let´s make a level were enemies spawn whose strength or level depends on daytime. Welcome to the level design of "Devils Path". The basic idea is simple: at night shall stronger enemies spawn than during the sunny day. But how can we communicate this to the player? (Besides obvious, yet less smart solutions like text or spoken word). Firstly, the level have to prompt positive feeling while the sun shines brightly and negative emotions during night. This is pretty obvious, I know, since the night is dark and therefor likely to cause feelings of horror. But let´s step further into this. Which environment might possibly increase this effect further? Scenario: When are you more scared during darkness? When you crouch in your small wardrobe or in a huge room where dangers could be in every corner? Right, the darkness is much more scary in wide, open rooms. We suffer a feeling of loosing control. (Think about the feeling, when the fellowship of the ring approached the mines of Moria and steps in these huge abandoned caves, which nothing than a small light.) This means that our level have to offer a wide space to make the darkness more fearsome which also has a nice sideeffect: wide view distance during day - control, savety, positive feelings. That´s how I came up with the idea of a path on one side of a mountain. We do have our huge viewing distance and a wide, open space. During day, it´s all fine. We know that it could be dangerous of we take the wrong step but the huge viewing distance gives us control. to our left side I decided to create a rift. The player could possibly fall and die - more fear. Even if the player have only approached this level during day, he wil intuitively understand that this is not a good place to go during night. The level warned him, that during night there is all worse. Therefor stronger enemies will not be a huge surprise. Watch the night-day comparision in my video! What do you think? Will this approach be understood by players, no matter if conscious or unconscious? Feel free to comment!
  5. I´ve found this picture on pinterst which is really beautiful i think. The picture makes me wanting to climp this rock. Finally I decided to create a level design based on this scene. https://www.pinterest.de/pin/377176537532630819/ What do you think?
  6. Cold shines the moon on the malevolent swamp. The player is forced to use the wooden jetty which opens up some interesting options for the level designer. He can exactly controll where the player walks and where he looks at. Maybe the player could take a short glipse on an enemy character? It´s not likely for the player to miss this moment.
  7. This landscape is inspired by Tolkiens' Barrow-downs from Lord of the Rings - First Book. It is day - still a friendly place, but you don´t want to be here after sunset. What does the scene feels like to you?
  8. The player is standing before the ruins of a gateway to a mountain. What will expect him? In front of the gateway everything is fine and well-known, but behind it I wanted the player to feel lost and give the environment a cool feeling. That´s why the grass at the players´ side is more healthy. On the other side it becomes a little more pale. Also the sun in only falling on and before the ruins. I used color correction to give the environment in the back a blueish tint. What do you think? Do you have an idea how to increase polarity on both sides?
  9. NekrosArts

    Cutscene example

    Already found you on yt. Well, I`d love to see how the ai with the animations of an enemy works (like the Guardian of the tomb). Furthermore I`m interested in game asset creation if you are about to develope those.
  10. NekrosArts

    Cutscene example

    That reminds me of Dark Souls. It´s done well of course. Have you ever thought about creating a showcase series on yt or sth?
  11. NekrosArts

    Victorian Horror Project

    Album for Victorian Horror Project
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