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  1. There are some new videos with changed visual elements, models, textures and colors: Underground locations: Forest locations: Angry plant:
  2. Just WIP. Abandoned alien power station. Inside: Outside:
  3. Friendly interactive alien creatures:
  4. Little update: Playtest delayed - localization WIP. Simple dynamic shadows and mystery force field effect added:
  5. Small topic update - short meta-game video:
  6. It's not a secret.)) I didn't try to hide my origin.)) Just more info: It's planned a playtest at next week. If I'll have a time to full in-game text translation to english. [request for offline conversation deleted by moderator]
  7. Little update. Intro clip (showed at new game):
  8. Scouting Ninja, I'm thankful for Your assessment of my work.) Bright scenes is a reason of edit time. I have a day\night cycle in game and in finnaly it looks like this way (i applied some advices of lawnjelly - change shaders and bake a lightmap) :
  9. Thank you very much. Especially for the link - I'll inspect it by all means. Be sure I'll take your advices in my development. I'm very grateful for any feedback.
  10. A 3D mobile (Andriod) game. Sci Fi setting. Puzzle-platformer. Please, somebody, make a some sort of expertise of visual aspect of the game. Just give me Your opinion. Thanks.))
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