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  1. Robert_Lamp

    Please, guys, need your feedback!

    Yes, you right. Tha was Photoshop in both of the situation, Yes, that have a sense. Thank you for your answer and tips. I will try to make it better, i'll reffer you about the update.
  2. Robert_Lamp

    Please, guys, need your feedback!

    Hmm, I'm interested to know about any mistakes in the rendering of that project. Maybe there some things, which in your opinion would be better to change. ahahah, no, that is just for better understanding of the project.
  3. Robert_Lamp

    3D visualization

    Hello, Helena That is my top-list. Hope it will help you. 3ds Max Stingray Revit VRED Maya
  4. Robert_Lamp

    How do you call a player in a strategy game?

    Well, most of the games use word "player". But it always depends from the topic of the game. If the game about war, or smthg like that - you can call the player: -Comandor -Soldier -General -Officer etc.
  5. The concept of the most futuristic space hotel by Gateway Foundation. Here are you can see the facilities of the station such as Control Room, Observation Deck, Night Club, Restaurant, Food Court, Escape Pod Bay, Parks & Gardens and Casino. The original portfolio here:
  6. Robert_Lamp

    Art Program

    Blender! As for me Best!
  7. Robert_Lamp

    Best Modelling Software for Character Rendering & Items

    On my opinion the most popular soft for 3d modeling characters are here: Zbrush Blender Autodesk Cinema 4d
  8. Robert_Lamp

    Question: 2D art animation software

    Hi @greentiger Here some free software which i was found: Animation Paper Synfing Studio Vectorian Giotto Pencil Regarding to paid soft: Toon Boon TV Paint Animation Anime Studio(Earlier Moho)
  9. Robert_Lamp

    May I please get some feedback? (Final Major Project)

    Hello @Mr Mramz! You've done a geat job. Keep going!
  10. Robert_Lamp

    3d Interier design room

    Album for 3d Interier design room
  11. Robert_Lamp

    Low poly Robot

    Album for Low poly Robot
  12. Robert_Lamp

    3d model Steel Coil

    Album for 3d model Steel Coil
  13. Robert_Lamp

    Low poly Robot

    Album for Low poly Robot
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