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  1. IlPresidente

    Horizon:zero Dawn Cloud System

    I think I kind of solved: There is still no scattering modeling and no spherical model. Also, I dropped the Powder effect. For the raymarching, I used an approach similar to tailorswift's one. About the optimization, I've a question about OpenGL/GLSL: does the using of texturelod affects (in positive) the performance?
  2. IlPresidente

    Horizon:zero Dawn Cloud System

    So the view direction is the... ray direction? Because I tried to calculate the dot between LightDir and ViewDir but it didn't seemed to work, about the phase function, even lerping with two differents g coefficient. Are you sure the composition formula is right? if the alphaness of a cloud color is about 1.0 it'll result like white... I'll try this code too, thank you. At worst, i'll post my code too. It's quite a clone to the one posted by WFP 2 page ago.
  3. IlPresidente

    Horizon:zero Dawn Cloud System

    View direction meaning SamplingPoint-EyePosition? For dark edges I mean this: I blend with the background doing (in glsl) vec4 finalColor = vec4(mix(background.rgb, cloud_color.rgb, cloud.a), 1.0); I think (perhaps incorrectly) is due to the color integration ( src.col *= src.a; ) in the raymarcher...
  4. IlPresidente

    Horizon:zero Dawn Cloud System

    Honestly I tried with sphere shape but i had some problem with picking the right uv. Anyway, do you have any advice about the lighting/coloring of the clouds? ATM i followed the algorithm of WFP but it produces to me effects like dark border. Also, I didn't understood well between which vectors the HG phase function must be calculated.
  5. IlPresidente

    Horizon:zero Dawn Cloud System

    Hi all, I'm new here, I'm a CS student with this new fabolous hobby! I decided to sign in this community after I was stuck with my version of HZD clouds since I saw the source of WFP, who I thank. This is what I achieved so far: There's still room of improvement of course (e.g. HG phase function is not implemented, but for now I have a question: I want to merge this work in a Procedural Terrain that I already have ready, (a pic in spoiler) but i don't know well how to do it. At the moment (as you can see) the clouds are rendered inside a cube. The terrain is made by squared tiles. Do you think is better switch from a cube to the "canonical" two concentric sphere or let stay the cube model? Thank you all for your help! PS: Thank to Andrew Schneider for his beautiful work!
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