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  1. It is possible to know if user is the first time using google play account on my game(made in unity)?I am not using local save in case of swapping accounts.
  2. ggenije

    One website for each game?

    1,Yes I am trying to earn money with my game. It's simply but unique mobile game which is free offline and it's monetization are reward ads and premium services, and my target players are 5000-50000 downloads. 2.The target use of website I want is to be like "center of all places" - for example If I have facebook/twitter/reddit/youtube acc i will lead the potential users not to download link, but to that site, so that site will be basic static site only for use to integrate more users to download the game and lead them to the android/ios download site. 3.Reason why I am asking "One website for each game?" is that when I go to "research" other people sites I see that site name is not www.devepolerName/GameName.dom , but it's www.GameName.dom, I know very little about hosting websites , so I don't want to lose ton of money trying myself when I can ask, but I think you need to host every that "main name" of site So if I have game A and game B and game C i will need to host 3 sites because i'll need www.A.dom & www.B.dom and www.C.dom it's not profitable surely.
  3. Around the internet I see that other devs creates the websites for each game (or two in case it's sequel). But what if I have many "little games" surely it will not be profitable. Is there any rule when I should create one website for each game, or is there any other way to do something. In my case I have one "big" game and I'm planning to create an another after finish it,but I need to spend about 120$ per year, to keep the site alive. Another question when should I stop paying the website for game which is too old, on what it depends. Also is there any good/cheap web hosting service especially for game devs?
  4. ggenije

    Any "kids friendly" mobile ads?

    I'm pretty sure the most of the kids don't have any kind of parent advisory , but even without child will choose childish games. But I don't want "to ruin their childhood even more" with those ads... So I'm asking here on forum: does anyone have experience with that, because I have feeling there is one ad company which not have those things(or have some options with age limit).
  5. I was testing some android indie games (showcase) that came out this month on google play and there is one game which made a strong impression on me. That game was labeled as "family friendly", and after playing one segment of game one must-watch ad pop up, and it was very uncomfortable for me to watch. I don't want it to be disgusting while describing it, so I'll describe it like half naked(to put it mildly) "girl" which calls user to action of obscenity which is at least not for little kids , just to mention again it's family friendly game and ad was must-watch (the game was the simplest possible (arcade)) Also I remember in the past there was similar ads like experience of adultery(ads for story games, like you are wife and then needs to find you husband kissing other woman(that is in ad))... I know the game is non-popular so it's "just put first ad system you can find and you will have monetization in game" and it's labeled family friendly because of developer thought that ads don't count or simply didn't knew it, so I can't blame it. And my question is: Are there 100% safe ads(for mobile games) which at least don't have those things or I'll have to satisfy me with In-app purchases or to make paid game.
  6. I'm not sure we understood each other. The GameState contains data like characters which I did unlocked , maximum wave I did reached and similar which is core data... Also I have PlayState which contains that "characters wounds,heal progress" but if I would solve that problem with GameState ,PlayState will not make any problem just do same thing as before with GameState or just reset that game and start new(because my game is based on trying to reach maximum wave)
  7. After thinking about it I would realize it next way: After loading data from save file,it checks is version same(that save data contain version) If it is same version program will just continue same as before: If it isn't same version program it will convert that GameState version N into GameState current version So first in first version (1.0) it will not check anything because it's only version if version is 1.1 and save data is 1.0 it will call function(constructor) GameState (GameState10) which builds new data If version is 2.2 it must have function that will convert for each version like GameState(GameState10),GameState(GameState11),GameState(GameState12),GameState(GameState13),GameState(GameState14),GGameState(GameState20),GameState(GameState21),GameState(GameState22) So I need to save data order for every previous version and then convert it properly.
  8. For example: I have one game save version, which contains variables: var1,var2,var3,var4 (It is saved locally or globally whatever...) Then I want to update my game(it's on android/ios) ,new game save version contain same variables as before but with additionally variables (var1,var2,var3,var4,var5) maybe remove some variable so it become var1 var2 var4 var5 etc. That union of that variables are in one [System.Serializable] class which I load by FileStream, Cloud... then serialize/deserialize... So it's very obviously that simple loading it , will not work so I need to convert it some way ... I don't know... And my question is how to transfer save data through versions like in way written above.
  9. My game map is basically a 2D grid which contains solid tiles(walls or other obstacles that can't be passed) and normal tiles that can be passed I need an enemy to reach the target point (player, cover, player base,,,) But path finding algorithms only provides 45 degree moving ( sides or diagonal) but obviously there is a shorter way for example going 60 degrees instead of combination of diagonal and sides like on image. So, what is way i can create this, although the main reason is not shorter path but the way enemy is going ,because it's wheeled vehicle so it needs to slow down to rotate...
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