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  1. Sean O'Connor

    Evolving neural networks

    Deep learning will impact on your sector whether you like it or not. For example learning more natural movements for characters by imitation learning of human movement from pose estimation. That would use 2 deep neural networks, one to do the pose estimation and another to learn sequences of movement. https://youtu.be/m3KG_Z0P_nU If you prefer behavior trees and all that then up to you.
  2. Sean O'Connor

    Evolving neural networks

    Game developers use to take the lead in computer science. What happened? I presume actually work is being done on speech recognition and generation for games and for automatically animating characters. Didn't one soccer game use AI to make the characters faces more realistic? Two minute papers has a lot of videos that might inspire you: https://www.youtube.com/user/keeroyz/videos?disable_polymer=1 Many of those videos are relevant to games.
  3. Sean O'Connor

    R&D Evolving neural networks

    A long time ago I used to hang around this forum with the user name redtea. Red tea is an actual beverage that is delicious with milk and sugar. It is not a political persuasion. A few rednecks ran me off though because red is a red flag to them. Kinda funny and stupid story at the same time. Anyway you can evolve neural networks especially if you choose rather unusual activation functions that particularity suit evolution such as signed square y=-x*x, x<0 y=x*x, x>=0. I don't think you would ever use those with back propagation: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/artificial-general-intelligence/4aKEE0gGGoA I also have a kind of associative memory that might be interesting for character behavior, https://github.com/S6Regen/Associative-Memory-and-Self-Organizing-Maps-Experiments Maybe AMScalar is the one to use.
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