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  1. ssssss1

    Use webassembly or no ?

    Thank you for your answer and for the links.
  2. Hello, I want to know if it's good in this moment to begin to use wasm(2D game with webassembly using code C and Javascript). Because webassembly Is new and I dont know if it's compatible with all navigators. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you silence If i understood correctly your answer you are right but I have to use the raspberry pi until I buy another high-performance PC because my laptop is damaged . I do not have a choice.
  4. Hi, I'm sorry, I spend a lot of time answering because I'm not very good at English and I use the translation to understand correctly the information and write my answer. You're right septopus but at the same time I ask my question on google and I post it in this forum to know if someone already has experience with raspberry pi and OpenGL and 3D Yes, that's exactly what I'll use lawnjelly SDL, C (I know just C not C++ even though C++ is more used in the game ) and OpenGL. blender ( i will use it to draw a simple design for the game not for animation ) thanks for the link. I collect informations about the 3D game to learn and practice. Thank you Cararasu for the link. I can also use opengl 2.0 to start and understand opengl. I just saw your response silence after I posted my last answer
  5. Thank you a lot for your response and for the link. I want also know if i can use the last version of opengl or at least the versioin 3.0 Thanks.
  6. Hi, I want to know if I can use raspberry pi to program small 2D and 3D games. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your response My first c code: int main ( int argc, char** argv ) { after some code... playgame(); //function } int playgame() { while(1) { if (collision_with_enemy==1 ) { SDL_BlitSurface(image1, NULL, screen, &position); SDL_Flip(screen); SDL_Delay(10); SDL_BlitSurface(image2, NULL, screen, &position); SDL_Flip(screen); } } } My second code with emscripten int main ( int argc, char** argv ) { #ifdef EMSCRIPTEN emscripten_set_main_loop(playgame, 0, 1); #endif } void playgame() { if (collision_with_enemy==1 ) { SDL_BlitSurface(image1, NULL, screen, &position); SDL_Flip(screen); // SDL_Delay(10); SDL_BlitSurface(image2, NULL, screen, &position); SDL_Flip(screen); } } If i delete the delay between the display of the two images I will see only the last image because there is not a delay I do not know how to replace the SDL_Delay(); I want to do a little animation during the collision between the player and the enemy. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I have this error when porting a game written in C to HTML with emscripten : SDL_Delay called on the main thread! Potential infinite loop, quitting. Can you help me to resolve it. Thank you very match.
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