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  1. ddabrahim

    Text to Voice converter?

    @Scouting Ninja I'm not announcing the website, only sharing as I asked this question on multiple forums, but I got only 1 answer, the above. That's why I share it to help others. I also did not find any better, so far it is seems the best solution when it comes to quality and price that is why I do hype the website a little Regarding quality, fortunately I need a voice for a computer, no need for any dramatic acting, though I was surprised to be honest how well some of the voices can mimic happiness and sadness, But I don't really need anything like that. Cold machine voice is exactly what I need @a light breeze Thanks for the advice. I was trying Text To Speech API's but was difficult to get any of them working cross platform, I'm working on a project that would like to publish on browser, desktop and mobile and I need something that works across all devices and different browsers. The best Text to Speech API is Google's Cloud API, but it is very expensive, you are required to pay every single time someone running your app and synthesis the voice and require internet connection too which is ok in the browser but I don't want to force people on desktop and mobile to connect. So I decided to try audio files instead. I need only short sentences, most audio file is about 70kb in size some of them even less. I think it will be fine.
  2. ddabrahim

    Text to Voice converter?

    I did get this link on an other forum https://acapela-box.com It is not free, but really good and not too expensive. The best part we can listen to any text for free and need to pay only if we want to download and we are paying for each character. You get 700+ points for 6 euros which is worth 700+ character with a normal voice or 350+ with a premium voice. Once you know exactly what sort of voice you need which is free to try, it is plenty and very cheap in my opinion. Other services charge you a monthly fee even to just listen to a text. Also, remember for the money the sound files can be used for commercial purposes, free services out there don't give you permission to use the sound files for commercial purposes.
  3. ddabrahim

    Text to Voice converter?

    Hi all! I'm looking for a software that I can use to convert text to a human male and female voice and then save it to an audio file. I was searching online and did find many converter. But they are not clear regarding that if I can use the audio files for commercial purposes or not. Could anyone recommend any software that I can definitely use for commercial purposes? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply. LibGDX with Box2D Light indeed seems one of the best options out there. I did also find some options, leave a list of them here in case someone else has the same question but LibGDX does not fit their needs MonoGame has a 3rd party lighting engine called Penumbra (free and open-source) Corona SDK has a 3rd party lighting engine called Dynamic Shader Plugin (paid) GameMaker Studio has number of 3rd party lighting engines available at the Marketplace (paid and free) Unity has number of 3rd party 2D lighting engines available at the Asset Store (paid) Construct has a built-in solution for casting shadows but lights need to be faked (built-in) Godot 3 has a built-in solution for casting shadows and creating lights.(built-in) Monkey 2 has a 3rd party framework called Pyro 2 built-in for casting shadows and creating lights (built-in) If anyone know any more options, please share it. Thanks.
  5. Hi all! I'm looking for a 2D game engine that support dynamic lights out of the box without need to write my own shaders. I know many engines to support lights through texture blending and custom shaders but wondering what engines are out there if any, that do have it out of the box? I would like to collect a list of them so I can choose. Regarding the type of engine, I would prefer something cross platform and one that support coding in Lua, C#, Java or JavaScript. Having a visual editor is not important, I'm fine with coding but I have a hard time with shaders and blending textures is normally good for static lights but not for dynamic so I would like to find an engine that has the support out of the box or do have a robust and well supported plugin or 3rd party library at least.. I'm looking for a result something like this with no or little effort: I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
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