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  1. Here's some concept ideas for what the character I need help with. This is basically what the warrior "Ryu" guy from the Himalayan mountains would look like for my fighting game which I'm hard at working on. I think him being a warrior monk would suit best design wise and gameplay wise with a dragon theme. As you can see he would have a pretty muscular design and be a bit of a kung fu brawler style, mid range with either a big dragon sword or big dragon guandao blade. Is this a good concept? p.s. I did not design these images. These are just examples of what he would sort of look like. Any opinions or feedback would be great, thank you. i will have some of my own design of him up soon, so you can see these to get an idea for now where i'm headed with this. Since I had two ideas of the warrior monk character, I was going to also add in the other monk design idea, which would be more of an agile monk, much faster, speedier gameplay, better at keeping a distant range, not so much close up. I figured to balance this out he could be more like that character similar to Ken of Street Fighter and he'd have more of a flashy design, I'd base him more around the Monkey theme concept. Again these are not my images, this is is an idea of how he'd kind of look, with a monkey long staff weapon. Any advice would help me a lot. Can two monk warrior ideas work in a fighting game? Do these two concepts make them seem different enough from each other?
  2. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    Very early stages. Movesets will take a very long time to combine. So it will be a slow process unfortunately. One major character I'm having difficulty with is creating a Ryu based character. Someone similar to that of Street Fighter. Know any good themes I can look into for that inspiration?
  3. In terms of moveset, I don't have a complete list down yet and everything is in such the early stages. Same with the concept sketches, I would however love to put some sketch concepts up soon to give a better idea. If giving you a list helps, then I'd be glad to show you them!
  4. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    I like the concept of an RPG but I was thinking more in the style of Tekken and Street Fighter.
  5. Thanks. And I agree, I think making her a rogue cyber cop fits perfectly. And for the cyberpunk scientist martial artist, I decided to make her based more on scientific concepts, maybe something like absorbing characters moves and using it against them? I'll think of something. For the wraith, I might hold off on that idea for now since it's not really going anywhere at the moment. I want to add a female Indian guru that uses a sword whip and mystical tiger. How could I improve on this idea? Thanks.
  6. Thank you for your response. So what can I do to improve upon it more?
  7. GreyOrange223

    Making dungeon rewards logical (fantasy RPG)

    I like this idea a lot. Could it be possible you could enter a dungeon and whatever prize you get what be to upgrade to things like mage or wizard status? Like gaining skills to be one.
  8. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    That's the name. I couldn't figure it out before. I just knew they were based on sculptures, thanks. Although I already have a bow user, maybe I could combine with sand pirate? Edit: maybe I can save the pirate as another extra bonus?
  9. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    If you have any advice on some of my characters I would appreciate it, thanks again. Which idea would fit best for the character's choices? - A miner with pitch axe and sand power capabilities from somewhere underground Australia, an ancient Chinese emperor mummy with sand powers, or an ancient pirate with sand powers and cutlass saber sword, awakened on a Costa Rican beach? A Celtic wraith with a claymore sword or Japanese wraith with demon katana? Thank you for whatever help you can provide!
  10. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    Thanks! I'll keep an update soon what I need help with. Thank you for any feedback.
  11. GreyOrange223

    My question about my fighting game protagonists

    Thank you! I really appreciate it.
  12. These are my final characters and I'd love to hear opinions on your choices for them. And remember, this should be fun One idea is a cyberpunk martial artist mad scientist that uses genetc's and dna hacking to hack other fighters dna fighting styles and combine them using dna, genes by hacking them Should I go with a male? Female? Or some kind of A.I system character that is not human? A cyberpunk police officer with cyber shield, taser stun gun, stun grenade, pistol, shotgun, flying drones. Male? Female? And make it a rogue evil cop? Or a good guy? A wraith based on Gaelic myth legends? Or wraith based on ancient samurai with demon blade? Thank you everyone and all the devs for all your help and support! Hope you get to try it soon. Sorry for all the questions
  13. GreyOrange223

    My question about my fighting game protagonists

    Thank you for your option!
  14. That works with the whip, but I want his outfit to also reflect his "out of place from society look" too as he's more magic based just like the nun with demon heritage. What's a good design for inspiration I could look into? One of my inspirational ideas was something similar to the look of the male characters from Assassins Creed. Is there any other good inspirational ideas I could base him on? Thank you so much.
  15. Sorry everyone. My last topic was more for my protagonist choice, which I've chosen the nun. And I had a lot written down for that one choice. It wasn't very clear but for this one is just a simple answer. I also need an antihero and I choose the flagellant with the chain/whip. What would be the best way to modernize such a character into the modern day-near future world? What would be a good fighting style and country of origin?
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