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  1. Sorry everyone. My last topic was more for my protagonist choice, which I've chosen the nun. And I had a lot written down for that one choice. It wasn't very clear but for this one is just a simple answer. I also need an antihero and I choose the flagellant with the chain/whip. What would be the best way to modernize such a character into the modern day-near future world? What would be a good fighting style and country of origin? And for the rock/statue guy? Would a stone made Minotaur or a stone statue angel be more appealing? Thanks again for everyones help and advice. Hope you all get to see it soon.
  2. GreyOrange223

    My question about my fighting game protagonists

    Is there any way I could make the flagellant more of an updated, modernized warrior fighter with speculation combat art that uses a chain whip as a weapon as an antihero?
  3. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    That's an idea, I could incorporate some heavy challenges and weaknesses for each characters.
  4. GreyOrange223

    My question about my fighting game protagonists

    Thanks. They would be former nun and flagellant and it would be more like a warrior class religious order that deals with the fighting the supernatural not just a stereotypical church preying class. So they would both be trained to kill demons. He's not a jester either as he would be a warrior half breed demon/angel that was punished by the high orders for his birth for what he is and his weapon of choice becomes a whip chain, the very thing used to beat on him as punishment for what he was born as and becomes the antihero flagellant. These are modern day to near future characters, as jester is something from medieval times. Does any of this sound very offensive?
  5. GreyOrange223

    My question about my fighting game protagonists

    Thanks for your opinion, I like that option too. In case you are wondering. The nun and flagellant would be ex members of their order and carry some demonic race within them which gives them their powers so there would be no BDSM Christianity involved More closer to Paladin holy knight type warriors if anything. Sorry for any confusion.
  6. I can't seem to find it, since I thought I wrote it down before but I'll write it here. So my apologies. My fighting game consists of robots, cyborgs, supernatural monsters, classic horror monsters, soldiers, martial arts and such. Which idea sounds best for my main two protagonists? 1. A nun with good and evil powers and a flagellant warrior with a whip chain? 2. A Tibetan warrior monk with snow Leopard spirit and a female freedom fighter soldier with robot k9 companion? Thank you, I appreciate anyone's advice. After this the ideas and designs for my game is completed.
  7. This actually sounds like a good idea. I might give this one a try and maybe add some cyber VR to her martial art aesthetic's and use the gene splicing. Thanks again.
  8. GreyOrange223

    Just need help with my final characters

    It's got ancient themes, futuristic themes, mixed with cyberpunk, horror and fantasy.
  9. GreyOrange223

    Just need help with my final characters

    I figured out what I want to do with the female archer. I'll make her future high tech geared. But which option would be the best to base her themes around? Native American themed with ravens? Mongolian with golden eagle? Or Amazonian with harpy eagle?
  10. GreyOrange223

    Just need help with my final characters

    It's supposed to be a 1v1 fighting game with some story action elements. Yes, the high tech one would be more scifi/fantasy The nomad one would be more like the wilderness type.
  11. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    I would love to combine them all. The problem is I have about 22 horror-styled characters, about only twelve sci fi-cyberpunk based characters and only about only 3 fantasy medieval-magic based characters which makes the scale uneven compared to the diversity of characters of each genre type which may upset players Are there any other inspirational ideas I could work on that are sci fi-cyberpunk based and medieval-fantasy like that I can add to my list and work on? Anything that will help with cyberpunk and fantasy magic based characters ideas would be very welcome and I'll figure out the rest, Also since I have horror characters I wanted to add brutal finishing moves. I was intended to make them gory but since I might just combine the fantasy and cyberpunk characters together, am I better off just dropping the idea? Or could gory finishing moves still work in this setting? Thank you so much for your help.
  12. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    It's not a bad idea. It could work if I can have it fit in with the themes of my game. Speaking of themes I have characters that are sci fi-cyberpunk style, some medievalish fantasy styled characters and some horror based. Now would I be better off combining all these characters into one themed genre? Or would it be best that I separate them into three different fighting games? One sci-fi, one horror and the other game fantasy medieval magic-like?
  13. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    Maybe it would be out of touch with what I'm trying to create. If I'm going for variety though in a setting that isn't 100% trying to reflect what goes along the grid of reality then likely a pimpin dinosaur with bling could work. For those who enjoy a little comic relief why not I guess? Unfortunately I'm still in the process of that, but what I would like is to give players an experience with an entire selection of sci fi characters to experience. More so just any kind of character. The more different each one is the more I feel players can enjoy. I'm still in the phase of learning mechanics and all the macro techs cause if it's not balanced enough, then regardless of how much variety it offers it'll still end up a mess. What makes it fun? The different characters and designs to choose from. Having their own special weapons, or ammunitions, styles, and possibly transformations that set them apart, adding interactive environments is always a plus. Hope this info helps a little. If not you can certainly tell me what I might be missing that will help focus on the core gameplay cause I'm still learning, in the early stages.
  14. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    Great so far! That's closer to what I wanted, thanks it does fit his character a lot more. I'd want him to be good at counter/blocking moves in dodging but easily takes more damage. These abilities could help with him doing that! Now I was going to ad a dinosaur but I was told that's a little too far fetched and would take away from the gaming experience. Do you agree with that?
  15. GreyOrange223

    Looking for advice for creating a sic-fi fighting game

    What about for an urban street style character? I've been having problems with that one for a while Edit: Does no one like my idea?
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